Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer

Milwaukee M18 Pin Nailer

Milwaukee Tool has added the Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer to their professional tool lineup. It is their first cordless pin nailer. Is the power and flexibility of this compact, battery-fueled pin nailer going to give you increased productivity and enhanced capabilities? Let’s take a look.

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer Overview

This compact, cordless, 23-gauge Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer with the pneumatic-like nitrogen air spring mechanism consistently sinks nails at the proper depth for hardwoods and softwoods. It leaves small clean nail holes and has the accurate pin placement required for trim work. It is cordless so there’s no compressor hose or gas cartridges to deal with. Its reduced size and slim design gives you better access into those tight spaces and corners.

  • Dimensions: H 7.7″ x L 8.7″ x W 2.6″
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer Features

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer

This nailer is designed for the professionals.  The tool features a zero ramp-up time and both a sequential and bump mode for firing.  The nailer drives 750 nails per charge.

The Pin Nailer is powered by the Milwaukee M12 battery.  While you can use any Milwaukee M12 battery, the 1.5Ah seems to be the best for performance in regards to weight and run time.  The battery doesn’t have a fuel status gauge so Milwaukee incorporated one into the tool. And as you would expect, the belt clip is reversible.

This Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer drives 23-gauge headless pin nails ranging in length from 1/2” to 1-3/8”. It has a 120 pin nail capacity with a magazine reload indicator.

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer

The Pin Nailer has Milwaukee’s traditional, ergonomically designed 12V handle.

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer

This three-nails-per-second pin nailer is efficient and effective. It has a sequential driving, double-action trigger. There is no delay between trigger pull and nail fire. And the dry-fire lockout feature prevents misfires and workpiece damage.

Its slim design gets the non-marring precision point tip into tight spaces. And it has a front light so you can see better into those spaces. Milwaukee Tool includes three interchangeable tips with this Pin Nailer.

The drive depth adjustment is tool-free, however, a jam release will require the provided tool included on the body.

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer Performance

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Milwaukee first-generation finish nailers so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this nailer.  However, I am a huge fan of the Milwaukee framing nailer so I did have high hopes for this.

Overall, this nailer impressed us.  Zero ramp-up time and the nailer was extremely consistent when firing.  While the grip is what you would expect in the 12V line, the safety feature is a little overbearing.  I would have liked to see a pressure pad or at least a small safety trigger.

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer Value

You can pick this up at Home Depot for about $200.  If you want cordless and don’t like the price tag, Ryobi makes an 18V for $129.  Both the Milwaukee and Ryobi are bare tools.  You can also pick up a pneumatic Brad nailer for about $150.

As far as value when you compare it against a homeowner brand or pneumatic, I think the Milwaukee is a great deal.  Sure you have to buy a battery and charger if you don’t have one but considering how well this nailer performs, I think it’s a great value.

Milwaukee M12 Pin Nailer Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great nailer and this represents Milwaukee’s current nailers which are fantastic.  The nailer is reliable, easy to use, and fires each nail consistent without having to go back and sink many nails.  For the professional, this is a no-brainer when it comes to buying a Brad nailer.


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