Milwaukee M12 Cordless 3/8″ Ratchet Kit 2457-21 in Action


We have had a lot of Milwaukee posts lately, sometimes when I leave town Eric goes Milwaukee crazy.  Well today I am Milwaukee crazed!   The long awaited cordless M12 ratchet has arrived. We were teased with this a few months back at the Milwaukee New Product Symposium and now that I have it in my hand, it does not disappoint.  It allows you to get a lot of power in tight spots.

Lets talk specs, it cranks out 35ft/lbs of torque and rotates at 250 rpm which is quite powerful for its 1.9lb compact design, it will twist out of your hand if you don’t have a tight grip on it.  It has a low profile head that is 3/4 long,  this allows you to get into tight spots without running the risk of the ratchet direction switch hitting something and reversing.  I was quite surprised at the torque from this ratchet.  It was able to break free almost all the bolts I threw at it, and if it doesn’t you just pull the trigger and use it like a regular hand ratchet, which gives you more breakaway power.  It is 10-3/4″ long with the included M12 RedLithium battery.  The kit also includes a 30 min standard M12 charger, a Milwaukee soft case to hold it all and a 1/4 drive adapter.

A powerful compact LED at the base of the head illuminates the work area very well.  A lock button above the paddle switch allows you lock out the unit when the tool is not in use to prevent accidental power up .  The variable speed paddle switch is made out of metal which really gives the tool a solid professional feel and the steel reinforced housing makes it durable.  The handle area has a over molded rubber grip that makes the tool easy to hold with or without gloves on.  On the side is the standard Milwaukee battery fuel gauge.

This tool speeds up the work process, the variable speed paddle switch allows for precise control.  It replicates an air ratchet rather well, except for you do not have to drag a air hose and compressor around, it is completely cordless.  I really cannot find anything about this tool that I do not like.  It is another reason Milwaukee is changing the game with their new innovative tools.  Milwaukee has more 12V tools than anyone else and they keep adding, its a great 12V line to get into and we highly recommend the Milwaukee M12 Cordless 3/8″ Ratchet Kit 2457-21.




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