Milwaukee Jobsite Radio



Milwaukee introduced its new jobsite radio.  Most of the major manufacturers have a jobsite radio, but they all seem to be lacking one thing or another, such as it doesn’t charge the batteries while plugged in and playing or a variety of other things.  Now we don’t know everything about this new radio, but it does seem to take things in the right direction.

The new Milwaukee radio, model number 2790-20, has 10 presets for FM and 10 presets for AM.  By the looks of it, this radio puts out some serious power, which helps in noisy environments.  This radio has 2 4″ polypropylene woofers and 1″ tweeters.  It  also carries a digital amp.  Now we are not sure if this radio charges the batteries while it is plugged in, but you can power this using Milwaukee’s 12V-28V batteries, including the M-series, V-series and NiCad.

While some radios we have tested have poor reception in certain areas, the Milwaukee uses a digital processor to improve signal quality.  As you can see by the picture, this radio has a shock absorbing ABS polymer case and steel construction to help protect against drops.  Not only does this protect against drop and knocks, it also protects the internal compartment from weather.  How much protection, well we’re not sure.  However, it does have a sealed MP3 compartment to protect some of your smaller electronics.

The radio also has a customizable EQ, plus get this, a bottle opener.   The weight of this radio is 17.5lbs.  If anyone has used this radio before, let us know what your experience has been.  Plus let us know if this recharges the batteries on the fly.


  1. hi toolman,
    Small world. I just read about this Milwaukee Jobsite radio on a forum… It cracks me up that they include a BOTTLE OPENER on it! now that’s thinking!
    PS. Wish your forums allowed new sign-ups since I wanted to post a question about replacing the battery on a Skil Dualsource drill.

  2. The Milwaukee looks like a great radio. Like the colour, and the more modern look. I will have to look at this more closely. Thanks for the Post


  3. I cant find any information on the Milwaukee 2790-20 4 inch speakers, what are the specs?, and the 40 watts is that rms or peak? 20 per channel? are the speakers 8ohm? or 4ohms? I pulled one out of a garbage can, it works but 1 speaker has a torn cone and sounds crappy, I want to put some higher quality components in, and silk dome tweeters.. need some specs, the website is vague..

  4. thanks I want to sort of hotrod mine a little give it more bass than stock and use silk dome tweeters I don’t like the stock ones kinda harsh sounding im an audiophile. id gut it and put in a tube amp if I had the funds


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