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Most of the time I don’t want to be noticed or seen at work.   I don’t want people to see me coming in late for work, leaving early or sleeping.  However when I am actually working and doing something, then I do want to be seen and especially those times where safety comes in to play.  A job site, construction zone, loading dock and hundreds of other places can be very dangerous.  They are loud and a little crazy with lots of stuff going on all at the same time.  While this does make for a fun environment it also creates extra hazards.   Over the years as more accidents have happened on job sites, companies have taken extra precautions to help keep the job site safe.  Well this time Milwaukee jumped in with their ever popular heated jackets.  So not only do you get a high visibility safety jacket that looks awesome, it also can provide heat for the times when you are standing around.

A couple of years back Milwaukee introduced their heated jacket line.  They are powered by the popular M12 battery to produce heat.   As time went on they figured why not develop a camouflage jacket for hunters.  Well the wheels didn’t stop spinning there and now they are introducing a very cool hot heated jacket.  The high visibility jacket is a great addition to the line.  As awesome as this idea is, what good is this jacket if you can’t use it on a job or road construction site?  That’s why Milwaukee made sure this jacket is ANSI Class III certified so you can use this on any site.  Okay, it’s compliant, but what makes it so special?   Well first this isn’t just a junk jacket with a heating element.  The jacket actually uses a multi layered fabric design.  The inner lining is fleece and it’s surrounded by a carbon fiber heating element in the upper chest and upper back.  The outside is made of polyester.  One great thing about this jacket is it’s wind and water resistant.  Now it’s still about 90° in Chicago so it’s a little hard to test how the heat works without dropping dead from heat exhaustion, trust me I tried to get Dan to wear the jacket but for some reason he wouldn’t be the guinea pig.  I do have to say once you turn the jacket on, you can feel the heat being produced fairly quickly.  With a fleece inside, the multi layer approach and a heating element, we bet this jacket jams in the winter.  We will update you as the temperature starts to drop.

The jacket has 3 settings and can be controlled on the upper left, inside of the jacket with a push button.  To turn the jacket on, just hold the button down.  Each setting is indicated by a color.  Red is high, white is medium and blue is low.  The jacket can be powered by an M12 or XC battery and it sits on the left side of the jacket.  It does have its own pocket and being on the side makes it hard to even tell you have a battery in the jacket.  On the left arm sleeve you have two pen pockets.  On the right chest is another pocket for a radio, phone or note pad.  There is also hand pockets on each side of the jacket.  The jacket also has a removable hood.

Sounds like an awesome jacket, doesn’t it?  Well we haven’t even talked about the coolest item of this jacket and that is it can be embroidered with your company name on the back.  On the inside back of the jacket, there is a hidden pocket so any embroidery shop can produce your logo on the back of the jacket.  This is a cool feature for any company who wants to put their company name, employee name or job title on the back of a jacket.

Let’s face it, overall this is a great and practical jacket.  It has lots of cool features to keep you warm and make your day a little easier when it’s cold outside.  The embroidery option is awesome, the heating benefit is another key, but the biggest key is being able to use this as a safety device on a job site and knowing it with withstand tough conditions.



  • ANSI Class III Certified to Meet or Exceed Job site and Roadside Construction Standards
  • Superior Run-Time: Up to 6 hours of continuous heat per battery charge
  • Water and Wind Resistant
  • Core Heat Zone Provides Heat to the Chest and Upper Back
  • 3 Heat Settings Per Zone (High, Medium, Low)
  • Easy Touch Heat Controller Located on Inside of Lapel
  • Zip-in Removable Hood
  • Hidden Inside Pocket to Facilitate Easy Custom Embroidery
  • Expandable battery pouch for use with M12™ RED LITHIUM™ Compact or M12™ RED LITHIUM™ XC Battery Pack
  • Compatible: M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION System with over 40 Cordless Tools
  • The jacket sizes range from M-4XL


Milwaukee High Visibility Jacket Specifications

Voltage 12V
Heat Elements Core: R Chest, L Chest, Back
Heat Settings 3 Heat Settings Per Zone (High, Medium, Low)
Pockets 2 Lower Hand Pockets, 1 Chest Pocket for Cell Phones/Walkie Talkies, 2 Pen Pockets on Left Sleeve
Jacket Material 100% Polyester








  1. Dan how long are your going to leave the tags hanging on the jacket.
    Those would be great jackets even in my part of the country Northren California
    it actually get’s cold enough here at times for a heated jacket.

  2. The heated jackets also work great on sore muscles as a makeshift heating pad if you have a sore back. Found out about this last winter on the older version of the heated jackets.


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