Milwaukee Hand Tools

Milwaukee Hand Tools

Okay, are you sitting down?  You might not believe this, but Milwaukee has some new hand tools available.  I know, it has been a whole week since they released their latest version of Milwaukee Hand Tools.  One thing we can say about Milwaukee is they are very predictable for releasing a ton of products each month.  One line that has grown is their hand tools.  Milwaukee has been coming out with a ton of knives, pliers, screwdrivers and more.  Now they just released a couple new Milwaukee hand tools for people who are in need of clamps, locking pliers and tape measures. Another thing we can count on with Milwaukee hand tools is their ability to make a quality and tough tool.  This article is not about reviewing these hand tools, but more for awareness.  Since they release a ton of tools, it can be easy to get lost.  So let’s jump in.

Milwaukee has a ton of different options for their locking C-Clamps, but most of them share the same features in common.  One of the biggest features is the Milwaukee Torque Lock which provides a faster tool setup and locking force.  Which anyone who uses these types of clamps will appreciate.  Now you may notice the red thumb screw on the end of the handle.  This red screw will allow you to create even a tighter bond or clamp using your hands. However if that is still not enough, don’t worry.  The hole in the thumb screw serves a purpose.  You can take a screwdriver and insert it into the hole and torque down as much as you want.  Don’t worry, the thumb screw is metal and the screw itself is metal, so you won’t break it.  Well I guess the Incredible Hulk could, but I think he is working on bigger problems.

Don’t be worried that when you apply a ton of pressure the jaws will slip.  Milwaukee designed these clamps with a hardened jaw which will make sure it stays in place.  As with all other Milwaukee hand tools, these have a limited lifetime warranty.


So now let’s jump into the locking pliers.  As with the clamps, the locking pliers have the same red thumb screw.  Yes, you can use it the same way by tightening the pliers by hand or with a screwdriver.  Now I am not going to get into this tool in great depth because it’s pretty much identical to the clamps, except these are locking pliers.


Next on the list is the new Milwaukee Tape Measure.  Currently Milwaukee has a couple different versions available. This new tape measure may look familiar to you, but here are a couple of features that set this apart from other tape measures on the market.  Milwaukee designed this with a Nylon Bond Blade Protection which means the numbers shouldn’t wear off as easily as they do with other tapes.  Speaking of tough, this tape is reinforced with a 5 point frame.  Basically it just means it’s not snapped together.  Milwaukee attached both parts of the tape using screws. One thing I did notice about this magnetic tape is the magnet is very strong.  There is nothing more annoying to a magnetic tape where the magnet is weak, so I am happy to see Milwaukee went strong with this.  If you look at the pictures below, you will notice on the back side of the tape, there are more numbers along with a finger stop.  The numbers below are for blue print scale operation.  Last, but not forgotten is a very nice belt clip.  The clip looks forgiving and not one that will ruin your pants or work belt.





  1. Im a fan of their tools but their metal tends to be softer than stronger, I have their reaming pliers and the teeth don’t hold up like my german made tools. Love their new magnetic tape though, don’t seem much of a difference from the old one but its definitely a nice tape measure, just something sexy about red tools! You should check out their pass through but drivers, those are pretty nice, only problem is good luck getting a SAE set for a decent buck, other wise your in Klein prices and USA made for the same price is more appealing! #tiacrew

  2. I love the idea but the price hurts a bit. Steeper than Milwaukee would be for something like this I think but great tools nonetheless! #TIACREW

  3. I know they sell some of the Milwaukee power tools on matco trucks, any chance on them also selling some of these Milwaukee hand tools?


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