Milwaukee Hand Tools


Milwaukee just introduced a bunch of new hands.  While I know this isn’t surprising, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am assuming they will be launching a ton of new hand tools in 2017 & 2018.  It’s weird to think that just a couple of years ago, they didn’t even have one.  Now the hand tool line has grown. So what has Milwaukee released?  Well let’s jump in and find out

Rolling Bags

Milwaukee released two different size bags.  They have an 18″ rolling bag which will retail for around $170 and they have a 24″ rolling bag which will retail for about $200.  Besides the size, the only really different is the number of pockets and carry weight.  The 18″ has 66 pockets with a weight capacity of about 200 lbs., while the 24″ has fewer pockets at 53, but a higher load of 250 lbs.  There is a bunch to love about these bags, but a couple bullet points are these bags are made from 1680D ballistic material which means they should last a long time and won’t get rips or tears from daily use.

Both bags have a 6″ wheel which means you can roll them around the job site and they should get caught up on extension cords rocks or other things that make rolling around a bag a pain.  The rolling backs feature a metal skid plate which protects it while going up stairs.  For me, while I like the durability, what I really like is the variety.  Both bags offer a ton of different sizes for their pockets, inside and out.  I like that there is really a place for everything and you still have room to toss a coup[le drills or impacts in the bag.  On the top, there are small little holder so you can hold screws or other things while your working.  You can even hold pipe and make cuts.


Lockback Pocket Knife

This is my favorite of the new tools.  I don’t know, it’s just something about a knife that brings a smile to my face.  I know that sounds a little insane, but trust me, I am OK.  As with their other knives, the lockback pocket knife is solid.  The blade is stainless steel and the handle is a glass filled nylon.  You can reverse the clip.  I like the fact that this has a little weight to it.  While I like this knife a lot, I do wish it had a thumb screw for easy one-handed opening.  Overall, this is a solid knife.  The retail of $15 makes this an easy option to own.  It’s one of the knives I would use as an EDC because if I loose it, it’s not going to break the bank to replace.


Compact Tape Measure

Yes, another tape measure from Milwaukee.  I feel like everyday they have a new tape on the market.  However this one has a twist, this is a compact tape.  Their 25′ tape is the same size as a traditional 16′ tape which is about 30% more compact.  As with the other Milwaukee tapes, this has a 5 point reinforced frame for durability.  The tape has a 9′ standout.  If you notice, Milwaukee put a couple extra numbers so you can now see the fractions on the tape.  As the last item to mention, the hook is smaller which makes it easier for scoring applications.


Here is a new one for Milwaukee, hammers.  Currently, they have a steel 22 oz (Smooth and waffle), A steel 17 oz (Smooth and waffle) and a 19oz smooth fiberglass handle.  I am hoping they are coming out with a wood handle hammer, but I am not holding my breath.  I am not sure what it is, but I love wood handled hammers.  Anyways, the new Milwaukee hammers feature an i-beam design which makes it strong for prying applications because we all know that we pry with our hammers also.

The handle features an antivibration design to lower vibration and help eliminate fatiqueness.  On top of the hammer, there is a strong magnetic for a one-handed nail set.

12 Piece Ratchet & Socket Set

Another new addition to Milwaukee’s line of hand tools.  Milwaukee introduced some new sockets.  In the 12 piece set, they put the most common socket sizes and provides a nice extension along with a decent ratchet.  One thing you will notice is the head swivels making this great for a variety of different application and easier to access those tough spots.

A very cool feature to these sockets its the square end.  So if you need to attach a wrench or something to the end, you can since it’s square and not round.  The kit will come in both SAE & metric and will retail for around $70.





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