Milwaukee Force Logic M18 Utility Crimper Model 2678

Milwaukee Force Logic

Are you in the business of crimping a ton of wire each day?  If so, Milwaukee has your back.  They are creating a whole new line of tools designed for crimping and cutting.  This new series of tools will be based on their M18 line of batteries.  So no longer do you have to worry about crimping your wires by hand, these tools will be able to assist you which will make your job easier and faster.   For today, we will be going over the Milwaukee Force Logic 6T Utility Crimper Kit.  As I said before, this will make your life much easier.  Not only will it make your life and work easier, but Force Logic 6T has a twist to it.  This tool is designed with Milwaukee’s One-Key, we will be covering in this article.

Milwaukee Force Logic

When you are making your compression crimp, you have to crimp it to standards.  The crimp has to be tight enough to hold in all sorts of different conditions.  The crimp has to hold under stress and other conditions.  This is important because whatever you are crimping, whether it’s two cables together or slicing two wire that will be conducting electricity, it has to hold up.  Here is where the Milwaukee shines.

On the front side of the tool, you will notice a LED light.  When you are making your crimp, this light will turn green when enough pressure is applied with the tool.  How cool is this feature?  So when the light comes on, you know you have a proper and optimal crimp.  This is huge because you won’t have to worry about a failiar sometime in the future.

Milwaukee Force LogicOK, the little green light is pretty cool, but how can you trust this to be accurate.  When Milwaukee designed this tool, they didn’t just make a tool and sent it to market.  Milwaukee put this tool through its test.  Not only do they test the toughness of this tool, but they perform multiple testings on the finish crimps.  So what they do is go into their lab, make a bunch of crimps and test them under different conditions to make sure the crimps don’t fail.  If you are using this for electricity, one huge thing you want to know with a crimp is that it will conduct electricity.  You want to make sure the crimp is fastened the correct way so electricity flows freely and don’t build up resistance.  Again, this is something Milwaukee puts under the microscope and tests.

Milwaukee Force Logic Performance

One thing you will notice on this tool is that it crimps fast.  This isn’t a tool that will take  five minutes to make a single crimp.  Once you put the jaws around the sleeve, it crimps it fairly quickly and you will see the light come on green in no time.  There isn’t any twisting with the tool.  So as the pressure gets more and more around the sleeve, it doesn’t twist your arm or shoulder at all.

Milwaukee Force Logic Electronics

While we don’t really see what’s going on in this tool, there is a ton of information that is being processed.  As you make crimps, the tool actively measures pressure and automatically modifies all performance levels of the system.  All this creates an effective hydraulic pump and creates the speed of the tool.  Very cool, but it doesn’t end there.  As I said earlier, this tool features One-Key.  One-Key is part of Milwaukee performance features which allows you to track inventory, modify the tool and track the tool.  For the Milwaukee Force Logic, the One-Key has a huge benefit.  With One-Key you can track every single crimp electronically and then pass this information on to others.  This way you can document and show that every crimp you made was successful.  The One-One key enables you to store real time crimp data, generate professional reports, view historical tool performance data and sync it all wirelessly to the cloud for easy access.

To learn more and see more specifications on this tool, check out Milwaukee’s website for the Milwaukee Crimper 6T

Milwaukee Force Logic Specification

  • Voltage 18V
  • Length 14″
  • Weight 4.65 lbs
  • Head Rotation 350 degrees
  • Crimp Speed 2.9 Secs
  • Auto Reset Yes
  • Balanced Center Grip Yes
  • Adapative Pressure Control System Yes
  • Reporting and Tool Diagnostics Built In – ONE KEY™ Enabled
  • Full Pressure Indicator Yes
  • Tool Warranty 5 Years

Bottom Line

There are three things that make a good crimp, the tool, the jaws and the die.  I am not an expert, but it seems Milwaukee nailed all three of these to produce a top quality crimper that professionals can rely on.  The One-Key is a huge feature because now you have a paper trail showing that your work was performed properly.  While this tool has a significant upfront cost, the money you will save on the back end is huge.  If you are looking for a professional tool to make your life easier, the Milwaukee Force Logic 6T is one to consider.


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