Milwaukee Flood Light Review

Milwaukee Flood Light Review
Mounting Options

Where do I begin when it comes to job site lighting.  Let’s just say no other power tool manufacturer offers more lighting options than Milwaukee Tool.  We have tested a wide variety of lighting options from Milwaukee such as the Small Rechargeable LightsMilwaukee Tower Light ReviewMilwaukee Penlight ReviewMilwaukee Radius Site Light ReviewMilwaukee Underhood Light Review and the list goes on.  The one thing they all have in common, quality.  These are all quality lighting options so let’s jump into the Milwaukee Flood Light Review and see how it performs.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review Overview

The Milwaukee Rover M18 flood light, model 2365-20 is a small flood light.  You can say it mimics the Milwaukee M12 Light Compact Flood Light 2364-20, with some slight differences.  The biggest differences are the 2365 runs off their M18 battery, offers more lumens and has a swivel head.  There are other differences, but we will cover that in the video.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review Features

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

The Milwaukee Flood Light 2365-20 is designed with 5 powerful LED lights that put out 1,500 lumens.  Since this light is used on the job site, Milwaukee designed it with an IP54 rating and is also chemical resistant.  The light is also designed to withstand a drop from 9′.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

The light runs off their M18 line of batteries.  A user can expect to get the following run times while using this light with an M18 5Ah battery.

  • High – 4.5 Highs
  • Med – 10 Hours
  • Low – 20 Hours

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

The 5 bright LED lights are part of the Milwaukee TRUEview line of lights.  The Milwaukee TRUEview lights are designed to be a clearer light so a user can decipher between colors such as an electrician working in a panel and they need to see the clear difference between a red and orange wire.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

On top of the light, there are two buttons.  The round button turns the light on and off.  The rectangle button controls the light mode.  The light has three different modes.

  • High – 1,500 Lumens
  • Med – 600 Lumens
  • Low – 300 Lumens

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

The side of the light is protected with a softer rubber over mold which helps from either dropping the light or dropping debris on the light.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

The light is almost in the shape of a cube which means setting this light up to shine in any direction is simple and straightforward.

One cool feature of this light is all the different mounting and set up options.  On the bottom of the light, there are strong magnets that allow you to place this on a metal surface while using the light.  If there isn’t a metal surface, there is a hidden clamp where you can place it on a 2 x4 or other like dimensions.

The head of the light swivels close to 360°.   While it’s not a full 360°, it’s close enough to allow the user to set this light up and turn the light in any direction.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review

As noted earlier, this is in the shape of a cube, so there really are a wide range of ways a user can set this light up to shine work in the desired location.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review Performance

The one thing I found out is that it’s hard to show the performance of a light through a picture since the exposure of the camera distorts the true image of the light when on.   So you will just have to take my word for this one.

First, let’s go by the shape of this light.  Since the light is basically square, you can set it up on almost any side of the light.  This means you can really shine the light in any direction.  Also, since Milwaukee designed this with a built-in clamp and magnets, you can mount it to any surface, so again, you can light up any area.

As far as the light, it does a great job spreading the light and acting as a true flood light.  You have to remember this is only 1,500 watts which is a lot for this size, but it won’t rival their tower lights.  This isn’t designed to light up a large room.  So if you use it for what it’s designed for, this light performs awesome.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review Value

Looking at The Home Depot, you can find this light for about $100 and that is the bare light.  I know a $100 sounds like a lot and let’s face it, a $100 is a lot of money.  However, for this light, I think it’s a pretty decent value.  Sure you can get lights for less, but with all things considered, it’s worth it.

The light is small, doesn’t produce a lot of heat, gives off a lot of light and has a lot of mounting options, well this light is perfect for small or larger jobs.  So that’s why I can justify the price tag, not to mention the quality of the light.

Milwaukee Flood Light Review Final Thoughts

As with all the other Milwaukee lights, this light is bright and a high-quality light.  This light offers a ton of mounting options which makes it extremely versatile and easy to set up for any working condition.  With a price tag under $100 and an IP54 rating, who wouldn’t want to own this light?

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