Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer

Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer

When it comes to hand tools, Milwaukee has been hitting the market hard.  I can’t think of any other power tool manufacturer that has been releasing so many tools, which brings me to the Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer.

If you are performing tasks such as pounding stakes in the ground, demolition work, or other work where you need a weighted hammer, this might just be your next purchase.

Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer Information

Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer – Features

The Milwaukee drilling hammer offers some cool features for a 3 lb hammer.

  • Dual Face – Milled & Smooth
  • Overmold handle
  • Peel Resistant Grip
  • Fiberglass core handle
  • Reinforced overstrike protection

Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer – Impressions

In regards to performance, let’s face it, any weighted hammer can get the job done.  What sets one apart from another is the performance in the handle.  This handle doesn’t have a ton of vibration and the grip is comfortable, even with gloves.  I like the flare at the bottom of the hammer which helps prevent it from slipping out of my hand.

Milwaukee Fiberglass Hammer – Wrap Up

If you are looking for a fiberglass hammer for pounding stakes in the ground, performing demolition work, or anything else you need a solid hammer for, this is a great hammer for your tool arsenal.



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