Milwaukee Copper Cutter – Tight Quarter Cutting


Another Milwaukee hand tool is now available for the tradesman.  Any good plumber or tradesman that deals with copper piping knows you need a good quality tool to produce quality work.  There are a ton of copper cutters on the market.  Some of them are great, others are cheap and break within the first month.  If we know anything, we know that Milwaukee produces quality products and products for the tradesman.  So when they brought to market their copper cutting tools, they didn’t cut any corners.  They designed a high-quality tool, that is designed to work every day.

Milwaukee Copper Cutter – Close Quarters Cutter 48-22-4263

Milwaukee Copper CutterWe have all been there.  We are under a sink, next to a wall or working in the rafters.  We have to cut a pipe and it’s so close to the wall, we can’t cut it.  That’s when we break out the Hackzall and try to make a nice clean cut.  Well not anymore.  Milwaukee has a very nice set available that will allow you to make close quarter cuts with their 3 piece copper cutting system model 48-22-4263.  The kit comes in a nice plastic case for storage.  While the kit doesn’t come with extra blades or a reaming tool, it does have a place to store these accessories.  You get a 1/2″, 3/4″ and a 1″ cutter.  Each tool features chrome rollers for added durability and smooth twisting.  If you notice, there is a nice directional grip on the outside of the tool.  Obviously, this is very important because your grip will be at a premium, while space is limited.  Also, you can notice small little holes on the side of the cutters.  This will allow the water to weep out.  The actual cutter is spring loaded, so as you twist the cutter around the tube, it will keep applying pressure as you twist.

Overall these are nice cutters.  While I love the case to stay organized, I love the design of these cutters.  They are smooth, durable and allow you to get into tight spaces and make clean cuts.

Milwaukee Copper Cutter – Mini Cutter 48-22-4251

Next on the list is the 48-22-4251 which is the Milwaukee mini copper tubing cutter.  They come in different sizes, but this one happens to be the 1″.  You can cut copper from 1/8″ to 1-1-1/8″.  Everything on this tool is metal, so it should last you for years to come.  As with the close quarters, this also has chrome rollers, so you don’t have to worry about them rusting.  The one feature that really stands out to me is the easy grip knob.  Most of the cutters I have used in the past, have a rounded grip.  This one has two knobs that come out to improve grip.  Another item that stands out is how smooth this opens and closes.  The main reason is the tool travels along a metal screw, not a cheap plastic track.

Another great hand tool from Milwaukee Tool.  Most products can always be improved on, but I really can’t find anything that needs improvement with these.  They are comfortable, built tough and work great.  So what can I complain about?  If you are looking for some great cutters, take a look at the Milwaukee Copper Cutters.



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