Milwaukee Chalk Reel

Milwaukee Chalk Reel

Chalk lines are not new to this world.  In fact, they have been around since the beginning of time.  Ok, maybe not that long but they do date back to 3100 BC so might as well be the beginning of time.  A chalk line is a tool that carpenters and others have relied on to mark straight lines for cuts, layout, siding, roofs, and a ton more useful ways.  Today we are just going to touch on the Milwaukee Chalk Reel.  This isn’t a review as much as it is a product introduction and making you aware that this is in the marketplace.


Most common chalk reels are small.  While they have a 100′ or 150′ line, they are usually made for quick lines and something that is easy to carry around.  However what about those times you need a stronger reel and a thicker line?

That’s when you grab for the larger reels, which this Milwaukee fits into that category.

Milwaukee Chalk Reel – Information

Milwaukee Chalk Reel – Features

Milwaukee Chalk Reel

The Milwaukee Chalk Reel is designed for long layouts with an extra bold line.

  • Planetary Gear System
  • 18 oz Chalk Capacity
  • Metal Return Handle
  • 100′ Bold Line
  • Line Lock
  • 4:1 Gear Ratio

Milwaukee Chalk Reel – First Impressions

As big as the reel is, it’s fairly lightweight.  The large loop at the end makes it easy to not only grab onto something but stay in place when walking away.  The gear ratio is noticeable as it does retract the line rather quickly.  While others might have small openings to refill the chalk, the Milwaukee has a large mouth and is easy to fill up without making a mess.

Milwaukee Chalk Reel – Final Thoughts

While this reel isn’t for all carpenters and other tradesmen, those looking for large capacity with a thick line, this is a good reel to take a closer look at buying.  The body is made of an ABS plastic and the metal handle means it is made for that job site and the daily abuse.  The large handle, coupled with the large loop, makes using this for a single user, extremely easy.  The line holds plenty of chalk so even over large distances, it’s easy to make a line.


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