Milwaukee Battery – The New Power Source

Milwaukee Battery

As you know Milwaukee Tool has one of the largest 12V lines on the market.  Not only do they offer a ton of tools in this line, but they offer tradesmen’s specific tools.  With that said, it’s extremely important to not only have a reliable battery, but one that will last till the end of the job.  Now people can rejoice everywhere who have the M12 line.  Milwaukee introduced a new battery with more amps.  Milwaukee now offers a 3 Ah compact battery and a 6 Ah extended battery.  So what does this mean?  Simple, more work per charge.

While Milwaukee increased the work load of these batteries, they didn’t have to give up on size.  They are the same size as their previous two generations of M12 batteries.  Also not only do you get more power in the same size, but these batteries will perform even down to temperatures of 0°F.  The only thing I would like to see improved on the next version is the packaging.  Even Hercules couldn’t open these.  Sure it makes it harder to steal at the store, but what about all the weak people like me who spend hours trying to get them out of the package.



  1. This is great news wish it was 2 months ago I just brought 3 Xc packs ?. Will help with heated jacket like don Said also the radio might last all day on full blast now ?? with the circular saw and screw gun the ones I had were enough any ways but bigger is always better am I right !


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