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Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review

I have a love/hate relationship with tape measures. I’ve always purchased inexpensive ones because they either get lost, or my kids seem to snag it and its broken in minutes. When I think of all of the advances in tool technology in recent years, I don’t really think of tape measures. It’s sad to say the basic tools we use every day and are indispensable get taken for granted. With advances in batteries, brushless motors and a bevy of other cool features, it’s easy to leave our classic staples behind. Thankfully, Milwaukee knows the importance of keeping even the simplest tools ahead of the curve.  Read on in our Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review to see how Milwaukee is advancing every tool boxes best friend.

Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review Overview

Tape Measures have been around for a long time. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of changes to how we measure. From manual rolling tape measures that were housed in a plastic case, to wooden folding measuring sticks that even at their smallest, were about the size of a ruler. Our current models include features like belt clips, locking mechanisms and self-retract inside their case for easy storage. If we know one thing for sure its often the small improvements that can make a huge difference in how well a key tool can function. Milwaukee adds some extra bonuses to this version to improve a timeless design, and I have to say, I love it.

Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review Features

The Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure comes in several sizes, this one measures 25 ft.

The exterior has a 5- Point Reinforced Frame which helps protect the tape measure from damage due to falls.

The hard plastic exterior is also contamination resistant which prolongs tool life. The black accents have a slightly rubberized feel that adds better grip without adding bulk.

The Belt clip is attached using a screw vs being slipped into a groove which prevents the clip from slipping or being lost. The belt clip also is made of steel, making it even more durable.

Milwaukee also included a place to attach a hook or a lanyard as well.

This tape measure features a small upper release button that allows two ways to retract the tape measure. A press will retract the tape back about an inch while holding the button will fully retract the tape.

The tape itself is 27 mm wide and is reinforced with a nylon bond for extra durability.

The end hook design improves scoring during use and allows the tape to be held firmly in place by gripping the edge of a work surface.

Milwaukee’s Autolock feature functions as you pull the tape out, rather than manually switching a button to lock the tape measure, this tape automatically locks as it unwinds.

The Tape measure itself features easy to read markings by inch, and includes additional information like 1F 1″ at 13″.

Milwaukee also included milestone measurements for stud spacing using red numbers for easy visibility.

The tape features lines for each 1/16th of an inch, which is relatively standard. On the bottom of the tape, Milwaukee has also included a fractional scale which saves a step in recording measurements.

Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review Performance

This tape measure really stood out for a few reasons. Their Auto-Lock mechanism worked flawlessly and fixed a problem I didn’t even realize I was having with other tape measures. To have the tape stop unless told to retract made this tape easy to use. The Tape itself is incredibly firm, while often times tape measures have a lot of bend and give, this one is quite solid. The edges of the tape also have a slightly rounded feel vs a sharp edge. This small change can save your fingers from small knicks as the tape retracts.

The additional fractional measurement markings also made a huge impact. It saves an extra step and is easy to read even with the small print. The highlighted markings for stud width are also useful. Stud markings aren’t new to tape measures, but I appreciate they continue to include it. I liked the way to tape retracted too, allowing for some or all to retract gives the user more control.

Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review Value

Milwaukee prices the 25 ft version, model #48-22-6825 at 14.97 and is available at The Home Depot. To me, this price is right. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t even venture to guess how many inexpensive tape measures have come through my shop over the years. But, had I switched to a brand like Milwaukee for them sooner I would bet I could have saved a pretty penny. The tape measure is durable, user-friendly, and all around a winner.

Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee’s Auto Lock Tape Measure has absolutely taught me that not all tape measures are created equal. For a tool you use every day, the small details make all the difference. For virtually everyone, homeowner and professional alike, this tape measure won’t disappoint. I have nothing negative at all to say about this tape measure, except that I wish I had one sooner.

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