Milwaukee 26″ Jobsite Work Box 48-22-8020


One thing I am a big fan of is storage.  How nice is it to go from your truck to a site and not have to make 20 trips back and forth to carry your tools?  Dewalt, Bosch and Festool all have great storage solutions, but Milwaukee has been late to the market with theirs.  Well the wait is over.  Milwaukee has their first tool box out called the Jobsite Work Box model 48-22-8020.  So what is this box all about? Strength, storage and organization.

First, Milwaukee designed this box to be made job site tough.  In fact, they tested it to make sure it can withstand 1,000 drops.  Now from how high up, I don’t know.  But considering the design, it does seem like it can fall from your average height over and over.  Milwaukee also designed this with buttressed hinges and recessed latches to make it even tougher during drops and also when you’re carrying it from place to place and it happens to bang into doorways and other protruding places. One item I am happy they included in these boxes is the integrated weather seal to help protect your tools from moisture and debris.

Milwaukee designed the inside of the box with organization in mind.  In the corners you can put your drill and impacts.  This allows the user more organization and easy access.  There is also a small plastic tray for hand tools.  The biggest plus to this box is the ability to put larger tools in this box such as your Sawzall.

All in all this is a nice start to the Milwaukee tool box line.  While I think they still have a little catching up to do with the Dewalt Tough Box system in terms of variety of boxes, this is a great start.

What We Like

  • Lots of room
  • Great for organization
  • Strong
  • Great construction – Quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Box pops open when dropped
  • Can’t lock other boxes together


  • Length – 26″
  • Width – 13.4″
  • Height – 12.25″
  • Weight – 11.5lbs
  • Impact Resistant Construction
  • Buttressed Hinges – For Jobsite Durability
  • Protected Recessed Latches
  • Reinforced Corners
  • Integrated Weather Seal – Protects Contents from Rain and Jobsite Debris
  • Clamping Cut Groove- Clampes Small Diameter Materials while Cutting
  • Overmolded Wide Grip Handle – Allows for Ergonomic Carrying
  • Pass Through Side Grips – Allow Easy Access and Handling from All Angles
  • Integrated Screw Mounting Bosses – Allow for Unlimited Customization
  • Corner Pocket Storage – Keeps Tools Organized and Easily Accessible
  • Space For Long and Bulky Tools
  • Indexing Square – Allow Easy and Secure Stacking
  • Made in USA


  1. Eric these are nice I can’t disagree. But, I’ve invested major dollars on DeWALT’s boxes & they appear to be tougher than Milwaukee’s first box. Well, I wouldn’t invest even if it was better, because I’m too far into my other boxes & I have a nice setup. Maybe this is not a big deal, but I also didn’t like that the box had specific sections for (Milwaukee) drills, charger holder, among other sections. What about if you don’t have Milwaukee tools? I guess you can still keep drills in place & still customize around these sections for a better fit. I also tried to fit a DeWALT 12v impact & it was not a good fit. I see that Milwaukee did look at current tool boxes & tried to think on how to make things better, which I think for the most part they accomplished, if you own Milwaukee tools. Most of us own plenty of other brands & not just one. I will not look at these in the future, only because I will want to buy some & I can’t afford to. Again, I’m also extremely happy with my current setup, which I have customized to fit tools snuggling into each box. Laters TIA

  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The drop test was done with 50lb inside from 3ft (about truck bed height). We (disclaimer I work at Milwaukee) dropped the box both on flat ground on corners, bottom and onto a 2X4 for greater impact & bending.

    The corner holsters should accommodate your dewalt and other brand tools as well but chuck down would work best.

    Hope you enjoy our entry into the market.

  3. I have the box.. And it holds my driver sawzall and drill, easily…with plenty of room for my hand tools and hammer…Etc. Etc…i like the box and have no complaints, feels strong.

    • You can find them at Home Depot now and if they aren’t in your IC channel store yet, they should be soon. I’m nearly certain they will be in Canada shortly. They are made in Illinois so there isn’t any ‘boat time’ to worry about.

  4. does it fit dewalt tools as well?? i wish to hear more review on job site totes like the Lowes Kobalt 70 gallon tool tote

  5. Lol. I know it should but sometimes the advertised size is based on a diagonal or outer measurement so there’s not as much room on the inside. I just want to know if it’s roomy enough to toss a two footer in with ease.

  6. I saw your tool fight on You Tube , ATM , I carry my stuff in Peli. cases , which I’ll continue use under certain circumstances . I think for day to day I may go with one of the Milwaukee boxes , plus my Peli. 1520 tool case . I always lock my boxes , anyway , so the popping latches isn’t much of a concern . I’ll just put a couple of American Lock 1205’s on the end handles . I usually chain my stuff up to something nasty , when on breaks .



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