Milwaukee 2314-21 M12 M-Spector 360 9 Ft. Kit

m12 inspection camera

Finding the perfect inspection camera is quite a task, there are so many on the market  They have a ton of features and come at all different price ranges.  The Milwaukee 2314 M12 Spector is one of my favorite inspection cameras.  Her is what i like:

  • Price: The M12 Spector doesn’t break the wallet, can find it roughly around $229 depending on where you shop.  It doesn’t break the bank but then again it is basic with no recording features.
  • Clarity:  The camera has a great focus at no matter what distance you have at.  That means you can read serial or part numbers at any distance, this is huge.  The adjustable 5 setting 4 led lights at the end of the cable camera really work well in any  situation.  The 9mm 640X480 camera fits into small spaces.  The included ball adapter allows it to follow most contours.
  • Warranty:  On a sensitive piece of electronics like this the 5 year warranty is top notch.
  • Long 9 ft Cable:  Nothing is worse than having a short cable, 9 ft gets you into most any situation.
  • Rotating Screen:  The screen can be rotated with your thumb for the correct orientation.  This is very intuitive.

What I don’t like:

  • Non replaceable cord:  If you break it you need to get another tool.  I would like to see this replaceable
  • 1.5AH battery:  I would have liked to have seen a bigger AH battery here.  Although it does have pretty good runtime, all day runtime would have been better.

Overall this one of my favorite cameras to have around.  It can get into situations that most other cameras can’t and it always has a clear picture of what you are looking at.  If you need recording capability you will need to look elsewhere though.  Check out the 360 Spector camera over at Home Depot.


  1. Another well thought out tool by Milwaukee. Must get myself one to go with the rest of my collection. Would come in very handy. Well done guys on another hilarious video.

  2. I like this camera a lot. In fact if you give it to me I will give away my current M12 Inspection camera to another TIA follower! Good stuff guys.keep the Milwaukee videos coming. No complaints from me.

  3. I am actively looking for an inspection camera but it is impossible for the potential buyer to compare image quality between competing brands. Are you able to do this for us? This is a good price range for the average contractor or maintenance man (person). So I don’t need to see a high priced plumbers camera. You two guys are my go to source of real life info when investigating a tool purchase. Thanks.

  4. Dan,
    I never expected an immediate response from media super stars like you two! Wow. I just started converting from Makita 18V to the Milwaukee 12V fuel platform. But the Dewalt DCT410S1 inspection camera has everything I want and more. Milwaukee is sooo far behind on features. Image capture and expandable length are must haves. (What do you tell the client – “too bad I can’t show you a picture of the problem”?) I just don’t want a 3rd battery system. Milwaukee is introducing a lot of new tools. I may just put off the purchase until the next generation of this camera comes out. You kind of get the sense that it might be on its way out when Milwaukee only includes the old 1.5 battery?

    • You never know with tool companies what they are going to do. I would bet Milwaukee is working on a new version of their high feature inspection camera. I think its been around for a few years now, so its getting a little dated now. The only thing is Milwaukee just had their big media event, and nothing was mentioned officially. I’m sure there is some banter that goes on at events like that. Milwaukee could just release it at any time they have done that before just release a tool out the blue the Fuel band saw was like that. It was announced and shipped very quickly.

  5. Hey guys I picked up this camera a few weeks back on tax free weekend in MA. I also got the right angle driver free! Great camera but I got the 3′ goose neck. Works for me and you can’t beat the price of $199.00 for both tools! I’m up to 7 of the M12 lineup. You guys are great keep up the videos!

  6. These inspection cameras are very cool, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on one because I have never found a use for one, well in my line of work. If I can’t justify the expense I won’t spend the money. I have used one on a gutter that my neighbor let me borrow once. I also saw the DeWalt version on a DeWalt event a few months back. Almost brought it home to play with. I also saw the AC Delco one which was nice for the money. This Milwaukee version is nice for quick DIY jobs. But, I do see the benefits of taking still pics to show customers like some other ones. I would take anyone of them. But, like I said it may sit on my shelf till I find a use for it. I will play with it for a long time & do stupid stuff with it. Way to long comment. Keep up the great job guys. Laters TIA


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