Milwaukee 12V M12 4 Piece Tool Combo Kit


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Here is an overview of the Milwaukee 12V M12 4 piece combo kit, model number 2490-24. This is a nice compact portable kit with a set of tools specifically put together for many types of jobs.  We ran this combo set through some different applications and it handled well.  We lent it to a friend of ours who is a plumber and he loved it.  He is use to using his 18V for a lot of applications, but he liked the fact that this could get into tight spots that weren’t possible with a larger drill.  Now we are not saying this will replace your larger tools, but this is a great combo kit as an addition.  Great for the home owner, hobbyist and more.  Stay tuned as we test each tool in this kit.  Below is just a quick overview of the M12 to get more familiar with the tools and specifications.


Sub-Compact Driver Drill – Model 2401-22: The M12 drill has 25% more power than most of the competition with 100 lbs. of torque and has 30% more run-time than most of the competition with the ability to drive up to 130 3″ screws (According to Milwaukee).  Overall, this is a very fast drill with 0-500 rpm.  You can can control the speed with a variable trigger.  On the side of the drill there is a fuel gauge to give you battery life update.  The Milwaukee drill lets the user pull the trigger without starting the drill in order to see the battery life.  The housing on the tool is metal gauge, to give great durability and longer life. The compact size gives you the  ability to work in tight spots not normally accessible with other drills.   The weight of this drill is only 2 lbs. and with the battery 2.6 lbs.


Hackzall Reciprocating Saw – Model 2420-22: The Hackzall is designed compactly to get into tight spots, and measures only 11″ and weighs only 2.6 lbs. It has a key-less QUIK-LOK blade clamp that allows for quick and easy blade changes. The Quik-Lok feature seems to be the exact same locking feature that is on their popular Sawzall.  Also, an all metal gear case for added durability and longer life. It utilizes a variable speed trigger so user can match cutting speed to specific projects. As with the drill, the Hackzall has a battery fuel gauge to estimate power usage. Lastly, it  is compatible with both HACKZALL and SAWZALL style blades.


Copper Tubing Cutter – Model 2471-22: Obviously the Copper Tubing cutter is designed for cutting copper pipes, but one nice feature is it is designed for close quarter use, the rotating cutting head automatically cuts pipe in confined spaces. It utilizes an automatic adjustment that can handle 3/8″ to 1″  tubing.  A real nice feature is the auto-locking mechanism to keep pipe in place while it cuts.  It has an ultra-efficient drive mechanism that delivers over 200 cuts per charge. The tool is water resistant at the metal cutter head, which is ideal for plumbing jobs.  Also included is the battery fuel gauge, always a nice feature to have!

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M12 Work Light – Model 49-24-0145: The light can deliver up to 7 straight hours of use on a single charge. The 90 degree pivoting head allows you to position the direction of the light where you need it. The light utilizes a bright Xenon bulb.  It is very ergonomic, compact and lightweight, so it easily fits in a work belt or a tool box. Lastly, the built in magnet allows you to use it hands free, a big plus!  The battery also acts as a base, so you can really point the light in any direction you need.


Also included in the kit are two lithium-ion batteries and a 30 minute charger, leaving the user with little to no down time.  The batteries are extremely light, weighing only .6 lbs.  The charger comes with a 5 year warranty and the batteries have a two year warranty.


This kit also has a Nylon contractors bag.  When we put the tools in the bag, there is still room left over some other smaller items.

We wil be releasing a review on each tool, so stay tuned.

Also if you have experience with the M12, we would love to hear from you.


  1. Great overview. I read each review you have on the other pages and very nice. Thanks for giving us the stright on this and letting us know it is very good for the homeowner or specialized worker.


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