Milwaukee 12″ Measuring Wheel 48-22-5012

Milwaukee Measuring Wheel

Milwaukee recently came out with their 12″ measuring wheel.  Not that this is new to market, but it’s new for Milwaukee.  When I was in the snow plow business, I would use a measuring wheel all day long.  I can’t tell you how many wheel I went through in the summer.  Yes, summer is when we did all our bidding and measuring.  Before Google maps, I had to actually grab a wheel and measure walkways and parking lots.  On bigger lots, I would just open my window and stick the wheel out to get a measurement.  Yes, going that fast is what probably broke the wheel, but who wants to walk along a hot asphalt parking lot when it’s 105° outside.  Just wish I had the Milwaukee wheel back in the day.  Speaking of the Milwaukee well, let’s see what this has to offer.

Milwaukee Measuring Wheel

The first thing I noticed about this was how solid and heavy duty the well feels.  Might not be a big deal to some, but with a heavier wheel, not only do you get more durability, but I think the precision of the measurement is more accurate.  When you have a lightweight wheel, the wheel tends to jump and spin a little in the air.  not a huge deal over short distances, but longer measurements it can make a different.  So I am happy Milwaukee beefed this wheel up.

I love how this wheel folds in half to save on space in the truck.  The locking mechanism that locks the two pieces into place seems like it’s durable and will last.  On the handle, there are two buttons.  The first on is located at the top and that will reset the counter, which can also be done on the base.  The second is more of a trigger, which is the brake.  This is a nice added feature because when you lift up the wheel to see a measurement, you can stop it from spinning.  The wheel also features a zero point indicator and a kick stand.  So when you have to write a measurement down and need both hands, you don’t have to set it on the ground only to pick it up a minute later.

Now I haven’t used this for a ton of time, but I did take it out to the local parking lot and stuck it out the window and it held up.  Overall, it seems like another solid introduction from Milwaukee and anyone looking for a 12″ measuring wheel should take a look at the Milwaukee 48-22-5012.

Milwaukee Measuring Wheel Specification

  • 12″ Measuring Wheel
  • Top Handle Clearing Function
  • Top Break Function
  • Wheel Debris Cleaning Flap
  • Reinforced Locking Pivot Point
  • Zero Point Indicator
  • Kickstand
  • Length 23″
  • Width 12.5″
  • Height 6.5″
  • Weight 4 lbs





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