Milwaukee 0850-20 M12 Compact Vacuum


Looks like Milwaukee has a new compact 12V vac out.  It delivers 34 CFM and runs up to 29 minutes on a XC 4.0 battery.  It’s compact at only 2.2 lbs and 17.5″.  It has the Milwaukee 5 year warranty.  Basically it looks like a Dust Buster with a clear viewing window.   Check out more via Milwaukee Tool.


  1. Awesome! Exactly what I wanted! Good job Milwaukee! Now I’m still waiting on my m12 or m18 tire inflator! I have an idea to get a little longer run time. On the intake air, If you could pull it thru something like a radiator or over cooling fins that’s attached to the metal housing on the actual motor +pump you could/should be able to keep the motor cooler a little longer giving a little more run time.

  2. This is nice for when I do favors for friends & don’t want to carry my vac to clean up after myself. Looks nice & compact. It will also depend on the power to suck up stuff, anything that I would do should be fine. Price can be a determining factor as well. Laters TIA

  3. I notice that there is a wand extension on one of the pictures. Do you think that’s compatible with the M18 vacuum? It’s been bugging me since I got it.

  4. I have the 18v makita stick vac just like this one (xlc02zw) and absolutly love it.. im a remodeling contractor and really take a lot of pride in a clean jobsite. sometimes when there is only a small cleanup it is a hassle to lug out one of my dust extractors, hose, wands and attachments.. with these small vacs i can be done cleaning up in less time then it use to take me to haul out the big boy.


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