MI-T-M CV-2600 Chore Master Pressure Washer – Review


Pressure washers are a great tool to have around for any home owner from washing decks to washing cars they provide and awesome amount of cleaning power. Why you may or may not have heard of MI-T-M they have been around since the 70’s producing high quality pressure washers among other products.

The MI-T-M Chore Master 2600 is a creation of all those years of experience, coupled with a 160cc Honda motor this is a reliable, easy starting unit. The unit is built on a rugged powder coated 1 1/4 ”  frame and has a durable pump 2.2 GPM pump. It includes a 25ft hose and a 2 piece gun and wand assembly. The handle is easily removed for storage. The Unit comes assembled the only thing you have to do is put the handle on and add the included oil to the motor.

We filled the unit up with gas and was surprised when it started on the first pull, Yes this unit consistently starts on the first pull thanks to the Honda engine, pull the choke and your off. “NEVER START A GAS POWERED PRESSURE WASHER WITHOUT WATER YOU WILL BURN OUT THE PUMP” After the motor is started all you have to do is pull the trigger, the engine revs up and your in business. The unit includes 3 pressure washing heads of varying degrees depending on your type of work. The hose connections are easy to access and it includes a downstream low pressure chemical injector for adding your pressure washer safe detergents.


One thing we really like about this unit is wand storage, while most pressure washers just have a hook the Chore Master actually has and innovative way to grip the wand this prevents it from falling off of the unit when your transporting it. The hose can be neatly stored at the rear of the unit. Overall the build quality of this unit is good.  The Honda motor is mated to a Direct Drive Axial Piston Pump which delivers 2600 PSi. We used this unit on a variety of projects from cleaning a concrete patio, washing siding on the house to washing our vehicles the unit performed flawlessly and like we said started first pull every time. On the low end the wheels could have had less wobble in them and the the bolts that held the handle on would vibrate loose with extended use.

So if your in the market for a new pressure washer take a look at the MI-T-M CV-2600 Chore Master Pressure Washer you wont be disappointed.


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