Metabo Tool Storage


Tool storage is big business,  You can be like DeWALT/Milwaukee and make your own storage solutions or you can be like Bosch/Festool and re-market an existing brand. Metabo did the latter and followed in Festools footsteps by hooking up with Systainer.

It is called Metabo Metaloc and comes in a few varieties.  Not much is know about the system yet as we have seen an official USA press release.  The system looks like it can clamp to a Metabo dust collection unit and like Festool has a guide in the lid for tool placement.  We will keep you posted as more info trickles in.  The system is currently available only in the UK.


  1. nice find DAN wow its cool that all these brands are coming out with there own storage systems, that gives us more and more options to choose from

  2. To narrow minded RCWard, If you removed all ´foreign´ stuff the review list would be nearly empty. For example: remove all Ryobi, AEG and Milwaukee all owned by a German dude, etc.


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