Metabo KHE3250 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer


We first saw the Metabo KHE3250 at the 2013 World of Concrete earlier this year.  The lightweight Rotary SDS-plus is perfect for anchoring and overhead applications.  Weighing just 7.3lbs it puts out 3.1 joules (2.2 ft lbs) of impact energy with up to 4,470 blows per minute.  Drilling capacity is 1-1/8 in. in concrete using solid bits, 3-1/8 in. in brickwork, and 1/2 in. in mild steel and 1-3/8” in softwood. The 3 function switch also includes a neutral, which allows you to rotate the chisel to exactly where you want it.    The switch is easy to grab with gloves on and includes a lock so it doesn’t pop out of place when you are working.  On the bottom is the forward and reverse switch.

The ergonomics of the tool are great, the big paddle switch makes it easy to control the power.  The MVT (Metabo VibraTech) does a great job of absorbing all the shock.  It also has a roto stop that will stop the unit when it gets into a binding situation.  We took the tool out to Tony of Reliable Services of Illinois to test it out.  He had the perfect job for it,  to chip away at an existing concrete step.  The KHE3250 enabled him to get a lot of breaking power into a tight area under the stairs.  He was sold on the tool.

The KHE3250 has a 3 year warranty, chances are you will never have to use the warranty.  The best place to buy Metabo tools is from Amazon.  Before you get sticker shock remember that Metabo are industrial grade tools designed to give years of trouble free service.  Check out the video below to see this tool in action.



  1. What is the drill bit and vacuum attachment in the last part of the video? Is that the new Hilti hollow bit?

  2. This video stops working at like 6:47 and Dan freezes in motion for the rest of the segment, just letting you guys know.

  3. Hmm, If you mix a Harbor Freight tool with a Dollar Store tool you would get an accident waiting to happen. 🙂


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