Maxxeon WorkStar 220 Pocket Flood Light – Review


Men love LED lights and knives I don’t know why, but we just do, they fascinate us.  There is nothing better than having a quality flash light especially when you use it for work.  I used to use my trusty Maglite 2 AA which I converted to an LED, that was a tad bulky for me and the aaa Mag was just not bright enough.  So I went looking for a replacement .  Someone had told me about a light that he saw and was amazed at its power and size it was the Maxxeon WorkStar 220. Being the shopaholic that I am I ordered one right away and received it a few days later.

Very Bright Beam, 120 Lumens

I come home and there is a package waiting for me, I frantically open it like a kid who just got his first BB gun. The first thing I notice is the included  3 AAAA batteries. I am thinking AAAA what the heck? I have never seen those before, they are so slim and small how can this light have any power.  I immediately put the batteries in and like the kid with the BB gun, I immediately turned it on and looked directly at the beam, which turned out not be a good idea as I am blinded for about 20 minutes and seeing spots for the rest of the night.  This light is insanely bright almost unbelievably bright, it is by far the brightest mini flashlight I have ever seen and its around $30. Every person that I showed the light to, the first words from there mouth was “WOW thats bright”.

Glass bezel, Orange Peel Reflector
3 AAAA batteries

The light itself is made from T6 Aluminum with Black Type II Anodizing which makes it rugged.  There is no adjustable beam, as it is a floodlight and designed to project a wide beam. The light projects an incredible 120 Lumens thats only 10 lumens shy of the DeWalt DCL510 12V Max work light powered by a 12V MAX lithium Ion Battery.  The Maxxeon also produces this all with only using 4.5Volts and weighing in at 1 once. It is 6 inches long and and 9/16th of in inch wide at its widest point.The unit is sealed from dust and water from its rubber o rings.  The tail cap switch is sealed with rubber and has a momentary function.

At the business end we have a 3W Cree XP-E Cool White LED with a glass lens.  The reflector has been designed to create a floodlight beam with no shadows, rings or hotspots . The distance to spot ratio is 1:1, 1ft wide for every foot away.  I cannot recommend this light enough, for the professional its the best pocket work light you can buy and for the home owner its priced lower than most lights twice its size and that are not as bright. Check out for more info.


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