Makita XRU07 String Trimmer


We have done a couple Makita outdoor power equipment (OPE) in the past, but nothing like the XRU07 trimmer.  Now if you were like me and thought battery powered OPE was for the chumps, you’re wrong and once you get your hand on this trimmer you will see why.  There are other battery powered string trimmers, but I have yet to see anything that compares to this Makita for run time, options and power.  First, I should say this is a 36V trimmer that uses 2-18V Makita batteries.  Unlike previous versions of OPE, you don’t need any special adapters for this trimmer.  Both batteries fit right on the back of the trimmer and is even protected from abuse by a well-placed metal backing.

The unit has a run time of 60 minutes which is awesome for a battery powered tool.  While this is impressive, I am more sold on the balance, ergonomics and features.  First is the balance, the tool only weighs 9.9 pounds and Makita did a great job making it well balanced where it’s not too front or back end heavy, even with the batteries.  Second, is the features.  While your hand is holding the trimmer in the proper position, you can easily use your thumb to switch the power on by holding the power button.  Don’t worry, once the power is on, you don’t have to mess with it again.  The trimmer has two speeds, slow and fast which is also easily accessible with your thumb.  I love the set up and how easy it is to access the control pad.  As they say in infomercials, that’s not all.  Makita even designed this trimmer with a reverse.  Anyone going through thick grass has had the grass wrap around the trimmer and get in the way.  Now, just put the trimmer in reverse and it should clean it out for you.

If you’re serious about your OPE, the Makita is a top choice.  Even if you don’t have Makita tools, I would suggest trying this trimmer out as I know you will not be disappointed.  Makita nailed this trimmer with the design, function and quality.



  1. Wow 60 minutes of run time is pretty freaking insane!! I wish Makia was putting out the tools they are now back when I was buying into a power tool brand. Their new brushless drill and impact driver seem to beat the new Milwaukee M18 Gen2 fuel drills and impacts. It hurts me as a Milwaukee fan to say that but some of the videos I have seen haven’t looked well for Milwaukee.


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