Makita Impact Gold Bits Review


Finding a bit is easy to do.  Just about every manufacturer offers them and you can find them at almost any store.  However finding a bit that will last and take the abuse of an impact driver, well that’s where it becomes hard to find a good bit.  A while back I was at a big box store and saw a display for Makita Gold Bits. At the time I had never tried them or heard anything about them.   I ended up buying them and long story short, I have pretty much been using them ever since.  Now I can’t prove they are the best on the market because I have no way to really tell.  However I do feel like they last longer than some of the other bits I have tried.  So what makes them so good?

As the years have gone on, I am sure you have noticed more and more of your bits have broken, they seem not to last as long.  Well I am not sure the real reason, but I bet it has a lot to do with the new impacts coming to the market.  They are faster and stronger which makes existing bits wear and break much quicker.  Makita saw a need and came up with a solution, the Makita Gold Bits.   These gold bits extend the life of bits and help prevent cam-outs and stripped screws.  In this line they also offer bit holders, nutsetters, socket adapters and more.

The gold bits are made from a high quality steel which provides strength.  The tips are designed with precision which help prevent cam-outs and stripped screws.  One of the biggest things about these bits is the torision technology.  Basically this allows flex in the shaft underloads.  This flex helps take the pressure of the tip, which makes these last longer.  Still think a bit is just a bit? Well each Makita bit goes through five stages of a manufacturing process, including correction stage which makes these consistent and provides a superior fitment to help with control and allow a better fit.

Makita didn’t just stop with the insert bits, they took it a step further with the Nutsetters.  Most use a magnet to hold the fastener in place, which is a great idea.  One down side is the debris stays in place and is very hard to remove. Now you know over time, the debris just piles up which ends up stripping a head.  With the Makita nutsetter, there isn’t a magnet.  Instead they designed these with a “Grip-It” solution.  This is a non-magnetic snap ring that holds the fastener in place so you never have to worry about that build up of debris.

Now while these and the other gold line products are cool, I really like the magnetic insert bit holder.  For me it’s always so hard to find a strong, reliable magnetic bit holder.  When I end up finding one, I guard it with my life.  Now I don’t have to worry about that.  The Makita insert bit holder is by far the best one I have ever used.  It’s strong, has one handed operation and does exactly what I need it to do.  Just like the actual gold bits, this bit holder uses a torsion technology which allows the bit holder to flex under heavy loads.  Couple that with the actual bits and you can see why these bits last a long time.  Not only do they last, these bit holders are very strong.  Makita designed this with rare earth magnets and we all know how strong those can be.

Now I am sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch because it’s not meant to be one.  These are just bits I truly believe in.  I am telling you, next time you see the bits at your local store, pick them up and try them.  I know you won’t be disappointed.


amazonMakita B-31893 21-Piece Impact Gold Magnetic Insert Bit Set









  1. Great review Eric! Those are some cool bits! I saw some gold from DeWalt the other day, I love the bit driver, and the case is great! I may have to pick this up! Keep up the great work!

  2. I came back to follow-up on my comment about the angled socket adapter because I have since bought the socket set with the angled adapter. I never really liked the idea of the rubbery strip for holding sockets, preferring to stick with a molded case, but then realized that this type of holder fits great in my Veto bag. One thing I don’t like is that I have to remove sockets from the holder to read the size etched on them, but a label maker can take care of that. But on to the real reason I came back – the angled adapter works “okay”, but the fit is necessarily sloppy when inserted for angled use, and for straight use the socket retention doesn’t really cut it for me. The sockets themselves seem fine, and I can’t complain about the price, but the socket adapter was a disappointment.

  3. I think I will give them a try. I have been needing a good magnetic bit holder. I was looking at this the other day but I guess I should have just bought it then. Thanks for the review.

  4. Would you guys be able to check out DeWalt DW2507, it is similar but has no case and only 5 bits but has the magnetic screw holder. I got it at my local Lowes dfor around $10 and wondered if you could compare it to the Makita one on effectiveness and quality.

  5. Hi Dan, I saw one of your reviews on dewalt impact bits but the set I am talking about had a magnetic ring on the end to hold the screw on, I did look it up on amazon though and dewalt has two things listed under DW2507 but the one I got was not on amazon and saw it for the first time about a month ago at lowes.

  6. Turns out I bought this bit without seeing this review….I was very impressed when I opened the package, and am happy to see that it’s not a gimmick!


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