Makita Gold Bit Review

Makita Gold Bit Review

I know what you are thinking, power tool accessories and impact bits, exciting.  Well, I feel the same way.  It’s hard for me to get too excited about bits because all the technology of bits is built into the product, something we can’t see.  There isn’t a motor to get excited about, there isn’t a power aspect either.  But we receive a ton of emails about bits so we figured we should cover one bit we have had great success with over the years, so let’s jump into the Makita Gold Bit Review.

Makita Gold Bit Review Overview

Over the years technology has advanced at record paces.  Battery technology has come a long way and motors are more powerful than ever before.  So it only makes sense that bits have to keep up with the high demand impact driver.

We need bits that can last a long time and not strip fasteners or bits that don’t break under heavy loads.  Well, that is where the Makita Gold bits come into play.  These bits are designed to be used with today’s advanced power tools.

Makita Gold Bit Review Features

Makita Gold Bit Review

The Makita Gold bits are designed from a High-quality steel where other bits are designed from S2 steel.  One huge aspect that separated these from other bits is these bits are machined and not from a mold.   This means the bit is more precise and has a much better fit into fasteners.

As you can see by the head of this bit, it looks extremely nice compared to other bits you have probably seen.  The main reason is the burr removal process.  Makita uses a different approach to removing burrs which gives it a more precise tip.

Makita Gold Bit Review

Each bit is corrected after the machining process where other bits aren’t.

Makita Gold Bit Review

I know bits aren’t always that exciting but I do think it’s neat all the technology that goes into making a quality bit.  Once you fully understand everything that goes into making a good bit, it makes it easier understanding why some bits are more money.

Makita Gold Bit Review Performance

Measuring performance is hard with bits.  You might be the guy who presses very hard and breaks bits all the time or you could be the guy who doesn’t press hard enough and ends up caming out the bit.

Makita Gold Bit Review

I have been using these bits for a long time.  Do they stand out compared to other bits?  Sure against no-name brands, they are superior.  What about other brand names?  It’s hard to say they are superior to other known brand names.  Basically, I have been using them a long time and they seem to hold up for various conditions and that is all I can ask for.  The one thing I did notice about these bits is they have a nice snug fit with the fasteners I was using which means less play and that means fewer cam outs and less breakage.

Makita Gold Bit Review Value

Overall I think the Makita bits are a decent value.  Sure you can find bits for less money, but they also are lower quality bits and will break soon, not to mention they might mess up your work.  The Home Depot has a ton of different Gold bits to choose from and they all seem fairly priced.

Makita Gold Bit Review Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, I am a fan of these bits.  Are they the best bits on the market?  I don’t know.  All I know is they seem to last a long time and not break under high demand applications.  Again, it’s like the Ford vs Chevy.  Some people will sway towards another brand and some will head towards the Makita Gold.

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