Makita DLM380 36V Electric Lawn Mower – UK

Makita mower

Eric loves the 2 X 18v = 36V system from Makita.  It is a great way to double your power without going to a new battery platform.  Everyone hates getting a new battery platform.  The DLM380 from Makita is an electric lawn mower that uses the same batteries that you use for your 18V tools.  If you are a Makita user and need an electric lawn mower this is a no brainer.  The only bad thing is that it is only available in the UK.  Lucky Brits!


  1. I wonder if they could do the same thing with hand held out door powered equipment. It would be hard to get the packaging and balance right with stem pack batteries. Slide pack batteries make the dual battery system much easier to implement in a well designed way. You don’t have as much bulk and mass to deal with like stem packs do.


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