Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

Before I get started I wanted to clarify something.  I called this review a Makita Track Saw review.  To be honest I am not sure if Track Saw is a registered name to Dewalt or a generic name.  The reason I say this is because Makita calls it a plunge cut saw.  In the end, this is a saw that travels down a track so I am calling it a Track Saw.  So now that we have the workings clarified, let’s jump into the Makita Cordless Track Saw Review.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Overview

If you are part of the Power Tool Forum, then you already know about this saw.  For the rest, this might be a cool surprise.  Makita isn’t the first to design a Track Saw.  Festool, Dewalt and other manufacturers have a similar system in their line up.  Even Kreg has an add-on kit for any circular saw to convert it into a Track Saw.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Features

With the Makita system, you can use your existing 18V batteries to power this saw.  In fact, you get to use 2-18V batteries which means it’s a 36V Track Saw.

So, in the end, you get a ton of power and longer run times.  While I love this system, I love how Makita is designing tools with more power and run time, but I don’t have to invest into a different battery platform or spend extra money.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Features

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Features

Makita built the 6-1/2″ saw around a brushless motor that delivers a speed of 2,500 – 6,300 rpms.  With this saw, you have a depth of cut of 2-3/16″ at 90° and 1-9/16″ at 45°. The saw with the batteries weighs 11.2 lbs.

To adjust the speed, there is a dial you can move from 1 to 5 and set it to your desired speed to match your work.

Right under the speed dial setting is your battery fuel gauge.  Each battery has a separate light system so you know the charge of each battery.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Features

To start the saw, just pull the finger trigger.  The handle has over-molded rubber to make it more comfortable.  The saw uses a soft start feature which is nice, plus I love the electric brake.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

Once the saw is up to speed, you can push down on the thumb button and plunge the saw down to make your cut.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

The spring is nice and solid which means the saw feels nice when you are plunging.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

The saw is already set up to work with a dust management system to keep your area clear and clean.  Unfortunately, the saw doesn’t come with a dust bag.  Good news, you can adjust the direction where the debris comes out of the saw.

Making adjustments to the depth of cut or bevel is simple and easy to access.  I love how easy it is to read the adjustments.  The saw has front and rear bevel supports.  The bevel capability is -1º to 48º.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

The saw has positive stops at 22.5° and 45°.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review

The saw travels down the track using a one rail system.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Performance

I am building a desktop for my boy’s room.  It’s only going to be up for about a year, so didn’t want to do anything fancy especially since they will beat the heck out of it.  I used the saw to cut some plywood for the top.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Features

I didn’t have to use clamps on the track.  The bottom pads kept it tight against the wood and didn’t have any issues.  I love how smooth the saw travels down the track.

I also cut a couple small piece of oak wood for some trim.  During these cuts, I could feel and sense how the motor would adjust speed to keep everything running smooth.  Each pass the saw did an awesome job at making a clean and accurate cut.  The saw didn’t bog down and the only reason I could tell it was battery powered was I wasn’t getting a cord all tangled up.  After using this saw, I am not sure if I could go back to a corded Track Saw.

I will be replacing a couple of doors in my house and will be using the Makita system to get the job done.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Value

The bare saw retails for about $360 on The Home Depot.  If you are going to be making one or two critical cuts per year, you might be better off setting up a jig.  Remember you will still need the Track and batteries.

However, if you are a carpenter looking to produce quality cuts and are performing work that requires precision, this is a great saw to own.  I love how you can cut the cord and work anywhere you want.  The dust management system is awesome when you pair it with the Makita vacuum.

For those who need a Track Saw, this will save time, frustration and produce quality cuts time after time, so for those reasons, it’s a great buy and a great value.

Makita Cordless Track Saw Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this saw rocks.  Everything on the saw screams quality.  I love how smooth this saw is to operate, plus the finish cut looks perfect.  While I wish it came with a dust bag, I like how I can redirect the chips away from me.  Not being tied to a cord is awesome plus I love how I am not losing power or run time for those jobs that require more work.  If you are looking for a Track Saw, the Makita should definitely be one to take a closer look at buying.

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  1. Makita has a pretty solid promotion going for the kit at the moment. Two extra batteries and a track are included in the promo through 31 Jan.. Disappointed about the lack of dust bag also…

  2. Kinda excited to see this is cordless since I already have the 18v Makita platform. I’ll be looking into a tool only version of this saw to keep the cost down. If it’s as smooth as the Makita cordless 6 1/2” circular saw, I’ll be happy. Only question I have after this review is if there were any chipping or tear out on the test cuts?

  3. I bought this makita on Tuesday I haven’t used it yet, but I like.
    There’s a deal going through part January buy the saw and you get the track for free and two more battery packs!

  4. Festool, Mafell, Bosch and DeWalt all make cordless track saws. I don’t think Bosch’s is available in the US yet, but literally EVERY single other manufacturer except Grizzly is doing it, so that statement about Makita’s uniqueness makes zero sense.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Not sure where I mentioned the uniqueness in the article, but must have missed it. If I did mention it, it was in regards to the battery set up and how you can stay with your 18V platform, but get 36V performance since it uses two batteries.

  5. I bought this saw during the promotion (Free 55” track and 2 extra 5ah batteries). The first thing I used it for was to straight line rip a piece of 8/4 hard maple. The saw cut through it flawlessly and had plenty of power. It also left a perfect glue line rip. I then used it to crosscut the same lumber and it left a perfectly smooth surface on the end grain that needed no sanding. (All with the stock blade) Dust collection was excellent with a standard shop vac. If you have a corded version, keep in mind that the stock blades have a thicker kerf than the cordless saw. So, this will trim the splinter guard further back. This only applies if you have both saws. If that’s the case, I would either use the same kerf blade on both saws or have dedicated tracks for each saw.

  6. I bought this saw last week and although it’s been cutting single-layers of 3/4″ MDF and birch flawlessly, it’s won’t cut through two-layers at a 45degree bevel. I’m not sure it’s the blade or what but I’m not impressed with the power, if the blade isn’t the problem. Next step will be fitting a different blade.

  7. I have a problem with my makita track saw all of a sudden it started to run the blade on opposite side such that it won’t cut, so I tried everything but the saw doesn’t want to work, what could be the problem


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