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Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review

A while back we reviewed a Makita chain saw.  We took it out to Bode Tree company and ran it through some trees.  Now we are looking at a newer, bigger and better cordless version, model XCU03PT.  As an FYI, we got the kit XCU03PTX1, which came with a cordless grinder.  However for the Makita cordless chain saw review, we will only focus on this chain saw, model XCU03PT.  The grinder will be covered in another review.  So is this a good chain saw for the landscapers and arborists?

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Overview

The Makita chain saw is based off their 18V platform.  However, there is a twist to this.  Instead of having a single 18V battery, the system uses two batteries so it’s basically a 36V saw.

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Features

The saw is designed around a brushless motor.  This type of motor is more efficient, which means you will get more work done per charge and the motor will last longer.

The brushless motor powers the 14″ guide bar with a variable speed of 0 – 3,940 FPM.

As with other chain saws, this has a front guard that doubles as a chain brake.

If the chain does come off the guide bar or you need to tighten or loosen the chain, it’s tool free and easy to make changes.

There is an on/off push button in easy reach of your thumb.  If the saw isn’t used for a certain period of time, it will automatically shut off to help preserve battery life.  For me, it seems like it turns off too quickly.  If I cut a piece of wood and bend down to move the piece I just cut and try to use the saw again, I am forced to press the power button again. Not a huge deal, but would be nice if you had a little longer.

Towards the front of the saw, there is a battery LED that will let the user know how much juice is left in each battery.

There is a built in view window to easily check bar oil levels.

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Performance

You’re not going to cut down a 100 year Oak tree with this saw, but who would really expect that type of performance with a battery saw?  As long as you understand this is a battery saw and not designed to replace your gas saw, you will then really appreciate the performance of the saw.

The saw is powerful, well balanced and very easy to use and control.  I love the electric brake for obvious safety reasons.  If you are using this as a tree topper or just trimming branches around your customer’s yard, this will perform up to your expectations.

I am still surprised how fast this saw just eats through wood.  I am guessing that has to do with the direct drive design of the saw.  I am also surprised how much cutting can get done before your batteries need to be recharged.

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Final Thoughts

The Makita cordless chain saw is well designed and balanced making using it much easier than a gas model.  While it doesn’t come close to gas in regards to run time, for a battery powered saw, it runs for an amazingly long time.  The saw is powerful and will surprise you at what such a quiet machine can do in regards to performed work.  With less maintenance, it’s hard to beat.

While I still think it’s a long way from being the number one saw in an arborists arsenal, I think landscapers will enjoy this saw for their tree work as a second source of income. Someone who is mowing and doing minor tree work will get plenty of use this from this saw.

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