Makita Circular Saw Blade Review

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review

Let’s face it, you can have the best tool in the world, with the most power but if you don’t have the right cutting accessory on the tool, the tool is worthless. As our cordless power tools become more powerful, faster and better, Power Tool Manufacturers are constantly playing catch up with power tool accessories. They need to design blades, drill bits and more to keep up with these new class of power tools. Saw blades are a unique accessory as you can get anything from a cheap blade to a fancy blade that cost hundreds of dollars.  However, it always seems hard to find a good value where I can buy a decent saw blade that will last, keep up with these tools and won’t break the bank. So how does the new Makita stand up? Let’s check out the Makita Circular Saw Blade Review and find out.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review Overview

With the power tool world becoming cordless, we no longer have unlimited power. With corded tools, we can run them all day long. With cordless tools, we have to change batteries. Not a huge deal but it always seems to lose power at the wrong time. The battery dies when you just got up on a ladder or in the middle of a cut.

If companies can design a more efficient blade that cuts cleaners and easier, you can get more work done per charge. You would think it’s pretty simple, but it’s not. Especially when you’re dealing with Carbide tips.

The Makita saw blade is designed with Carbide tips which means they will stay sharp longer, which means easier cutting, which means longer run times for your saw. According to Makita, you will get up to 70% more cuts per charge with this blade over a traditional blade.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review Features

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review

The 7-1/4″ circular saw blade is a 24 tooth ultra thin framing saw blade. The blade is only .057′ thick and is designed to reduce the load on your saw while cutting. This blade is said to also cut 70% faster. Now I didn’t test that claim, but I can say you will notice the difference with these blades.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review

The saw blade uses a Tungsten Carbide tips which means they will last longer than a traditional saw blade and also be more efficient for your saws. The ATAFR (Alternate Top Alternate Face with Raker) carbide tips provide smoother and faster cuts.

The teeth are engineered to assist with lowering the load on your tools. The reduced swing width allows for smoother material removal with less cutting resistance. The bevel angle is designed with a sharp 23° tip and a slimmer tip bottom provide lower cutting resistance.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review

Makita also added a blade coating which helps reduce pitch build up and makes the blade more efficient.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review Performance

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review

We have been cutting a ton of wood with this home remodel. I have been cutting plywood, 2×4, 2×10 and more. When I first got this blade, I attached it to my favorite saw, the Makita rear handle saw. These two combinations of power and blade make it an optimal saw to use every day.

No matter what we were cutting through, it always had a great finish cut for only being a 24 tooth, plus the blades just seem to last a long time.

It’s hard to really review a blade and explain it, it’s just one of the accessories you have to try for yourself. All I can say is I am a huge fan of these blades and their performance.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review Value

You can pick up a 10 pack on Amazon for about $100 which is $10 a blade. For the amount I have been using these blades, I am very impressed by the quality of cut, but mostly how long they last before we have to change them. So $10 a blade is a great value when you compare it to some of the other blades in the market for around the same price.

Makita Circular Saw Blade Review Final Thoughts

There are a lot of saw blades to choose from in the marketplace. I have always been a fan of Diablo for circular saw blades. However, I am loving these blades and think I have a new blade I am trusting. For me, it comes down to two things. First is the quality of cut.  Second is the value. Since these blades seem to last a long time, I feel like I am getting my money’s worth. So since these Makita blades fit those criteria, that’s why I am going with these blades.


  1. Thanks for the review Eric. I am a big fan of Diablo blades also but for $10 dollars these seem worth a look. Did you notice any blade deflection with this blade with it being as thin as it is.

    • Hey Russ, thanks for the feedback. I didn’t notice any deflection. But since it’s a small blade and I was really only cutting pine and some plywood, I didn’t see any. I will be cutting some oak in the next couple of weeks and if i get any, I will let you know.


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