The New M28 from Milwaukee


Say goodbye to the V28 because Milwaukee is introducing the new M28 battery pack.

Power Tool News

Manufacture: Milwaukee Tools

Power Tool News: New M28 Battery pack

Model Number: V28-M28

The News

As you know the V28 has had a bad name for a long time, well since they introduced the V28 in 2005.  Milwaukee wanted to be one of the first to introduce a power 28V line using the Lithium Ion technology, but with the speed also came a price.  They have had a lot of problems with the V28 in the beginning and the cost to replace the batteries is not cheap.  So naturally over time, the word spread to be carefully with the V28 and this has hurt Milwaukee sales compared to Dewalt and Bosch high voltage lines.  Well, Milwaukee is trying to change the high volt image by introducing the M28 line.

The new M28 will have a better circuit board and better electronics to protect the high voltage M28.  Best of all these batteries are completely compatible with the current V28 power tools.   DPM features include a temperature management system to keep batteries at the ideal temperature range and individual cell monitoring to ensure optimal charge and discharge. Combined with a side packed design, integrated weld frame, cell separator and impact/vibration protective rubber, this pack provides maximum life and durability to the user.



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