Milwaukee M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera Review


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Milwaukee M-Spector Inspection Camera

This Milwaukee tool is a great way to inspect and explore areas that you can’t get at with the naked eye! The Milwaukee inspection camera has a three foot long flexible hose with a camera lens on one end and a hand-held screen on the other end. The lens end of the tool has a light to illuminate the area you are trying to see. The flexible hose lets you see around tight corners if necessary. It’s great for looking between wall barriers or down tubes and the like. The screen on the hand held end has great resolution, coming in at 320×240, and is also capable of a 2x zoom. The camera also has a nice auto-shut off feature, just in case you forget to turn it off, saving always needed battery power.

The Milwaukee Inspection Camera comes in two models; one that takes standard AA batteries and one that is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that comes with a charger. The screen was amazingly clear when we used the camera to look behind or between walls. The light on the end of the lens helped tremendously when trying to inspect hard to see areas in the dark.

Here are the actual specifications of this neat tool:

  • 2.4″ color LCD display in 320 x 240 resolution
  • 2x image zoom
  • 3x brightness control
  • Flexible 0.75″ diameter neck
  • Camera-mounted LED

The Review


The Milwaukee Spector Inspection Camera was fun to try out for review purposes. The flexible tube was very easy to maneuver when we used it to look behind dry wall. The display screen was nice and bright, and very clear. When we put the 36 inch tube with the camera attached at the end into our simulated dry wall hole and looked behind the wall, our visibility was very clear. The ability to use all three levels of brightness with the LED light was great! It gives the user a clear picture of what’s behind the wall, making construction decisions that much simpler. Once you find what you are looking for with the flexible hosing and bright lighting, the ability to magnify your target 2x is a nice finishing touch in helping you evaluate your work area.

The Milwaukee M-Spector Inspection Camera really impressed us in it’s ability to show us detail in dark areas and behind walls. We were able to test it in tight dark spots behind dry wall and see items that we wanted to inspect with absolutely fantastic clarity, right down to differentiating specific colors. This ability can be very handy, for instance when looking for certain electrical wires behind walls that are marked by color. In addition to wire, if you are looking for specific piping, this camera really does the work well. Remember, the camera end is waterproof! This makes this inspection tool that much more flexible for many different uses.

Final Thought

Overall this is a great tool to own.  You can look behind walls, in pipes, up high, down low and any other areas you need to see.  The screen is very clear, the light helps out in dark spots and is very easy to use.  However we do wish Milwaukee offered an option to add a longer flexible hose.  The 3ft. is long enough for over 95% of the applications, but it would be nice to have that option of screwing off the 3ft. section and screwing on a longer hose in case the need arises.

A must piece of equipment for any construction site that involves inspections before decisions can be made! The Milwaukee Spector Inspection Camera is the tool to have in your arsenal!


  1. For the price this is a great tool. Thanks for showing the screen image and how clear it is. That is very important to me.

  2. Originally, I thought the tool was ideal despite some recent trouble I had with some Milwaukee tools. I bought the camera, began setup only to find the enclosed SD card defective. Oh well, not a problem, I bought a new card. The tool tested fine after that, so I put it away until I needed to use it.

    Yesterday I pulled it out to use for the first time, and it decided to develop some type of fatal flaw in it’s OS and crashes within seconds of powering up. Yes, the battery is fully charged. I’ll be returning it in the AM for refund.


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