M12 Fuel 12-Volt Brushless Impact Driver Kit – Added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway


As we get closer to Christmas the Ultimate Tool Bag 5 is getting bigger.  One lucky winner will take it all home on Christmas day.  Click here to see what is in the bag and how you enter.  Basically just engage to enter.  Being a YouTube subscriber helps also.

Milwaukee has added a bit of red to this years giveaway by adding a M12 Fuel Hex Impact Driver  kit.  The Milwaukee Fuel line is one of the leading 12V platforms.  Not only does it have the most 12v tools, but it also has Fuel brushless technology.


  1. Being a Milwaukee fan this makes me happy, and as an overall tool fan this makes me ecstatic. Whoever wins the giveaway is one very fortunate individual.

  2. Cool beans! I love mine… I haven’t really beat on it that much, but it has a fence repair and a deck repair job under it’s belt, plus I use it sometimes when doing vehicle work…

  3. I haven’t got any Milwaukee kit all mine is bosch and metabo but I must say this is the best 10.8v impact out there would love to add this to my kit !!

  4. Lmao i dream about this every night, since about, ummmmmm, last december we needed some screws for the play sets at school, i picked this thing up, it felt like heaven lol, but then i saw the pricetag and i was like oh f***. Oh yeah it was about 3 weeks before chrismas, i remember we picked up a set of 12v maKitas and i remember screwing down the chrstmas tree with them, they werent too bad a drill and impact for $99 with a plastic/thin metAl case and 2 batterys. Good deal

  5. Milwaukee tools are awesome! Brushless is even better! I like Dewalt for their 20v line but Milwaukees 12v line can’t be beat. Eric and Dan you guys are pretty cool for putting stuff like this together just because we watch videos about tools. Videos that we would watch even without a give away, but if you insist..:)


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