Lunch Break Videos


Here is a few videos to enjoy on your lunch break.  First we have an insane fast tractor, the guy driving is nuts


Next we have a a new locomotive being offloaded from a ship using only 2 straps.


Check out how they used to recover solid rocket boosters.



  1. That Locomotive weighs 432,000 lbs. and cost probably $3,000,000. You’d have thought they could’ve sprung for some heavier chains.

  2. Growing up we had Ford NAA Jubilie tractors with the 4 speed, under/over drive and they would go 39 MPH also. The biggest problem was the front steering was so loose on them that they were an accident waiting to happen at that speed.
    It’s fun to show off your old tractor with the new turbo, but the idiot driving it forgot how unstable a farm tractor is. I was waiting to see him upside down when he was out in the field.
    I hope he doesn’t try that when the ground is not frozen.


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