Leatherman Tread – Best Guy Gift Ever


Getting gifts for guys can be either easy or hard.  Some guys just like socks and yet some guys like things like the DeWALT DWS780 table saw.  How are you to know what to get?  Well I have the perfect gift for any guy in your life.  It is the Leatherman Tread.  I am one of those guys that love the concept of a multi tool, but yet never carry one.  I have a hard time carrying my wallet and my phone.


When I first heard of the Tread it seemed a bit gimmicky and I thought to myself how often will I use this?  Well let me tell you I have used it more times than I ever thought I would.  From tightening a drawer knob to opening a beer bottle and even using the sim card tool, this thing is useful.  It also makes a great conversation piece, people always say nice watch or where did you get that.  They are always amazed when you tell them it is a tool.

Leatherman Tread Tools
Leatherman tread watch
The Tread is made of quality stainless steel and has the feel of a high-end watch.  In-fact you can even get it with a watch face.  The basic band has 29 tools which you can in the chart below.  The tread is adjustable to fit any wrist size by adding or removing links. You can even get through TSA with it and wear it on a plane.  I never used to wear a watch, now I feel naked if I leave the house without the Tread on.  At $165 MSRP the tread is not cheap, but it will make the most useful gift a man has ever received.

Check out the tread via Leatherman.com

Check out other Leatherman products on Amazon


  1. Anxiously awaiting links to adapt to a standard 22mm watch, so I can use it as a watch band for my smart watch. Perfect combo – a mechanical multi-tool watch band on my electronics multi-tool watch!


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