Kolpin UTV Windshield and Rear shield – Kawasaki Mule 610 XC Project


With the cold weather approaching fast we need to gear up the Mule for winter.  Next on the the list was a windshield, it keeps the wind off you and also protects against rocks and dirt.  On the last 610 project we used an OEM Cab made by Curtis Cabs,  this offered great protection but was heavy and expensive.  We loved the Kolpin LED Dually lights, so when they offered to try out one of their windshields we could not say no.  We already installed our roof from GR Manufacturing and are loving it.  The Kolpin Shields came via UPS in a well packed box.  The quality of this plexiglass is the best I have seen, the 1/4″ Lexan polycarbonate is laser cut and fit perfect.  The install was a snap.  You just bolt on the included mounts to your roll bar, install the hinges on the windshield and put it on.  It uses heavy duty hand screws to hold it down.

The quality of this product is stellar and another reason to buy made in the U.S.A.  The plastic is so clear that sometimes I forget it’s on.  This windshield is designed to fit by your make and model.  For the 610,  hinges allow you to open up the front compartment.  When driving the windshield works great at keeping the elements off and keeping the wind at bay.   There is some squeaking when going over uneven terrain but nothing to complain about.  We also received the Rear shield which is 1/8” FMR GE Lexan.  This really helps to keep the elements out.  The fit was perfect and easy to install.  All in all, the Kolpin Products are a great addition to your ATV/UTV.  Check out Kolpin http://www.kolpinpowersports.com


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