Kolpin Dually LED ATV Flood Lights – Review – Project Mule

Kolpin LED Dually
Kolpin LED Dually

There are many kinds of Off Road lights available for ATV and UTV applications.  When you choose to go LED your choices drastically shrink.  Most are on eBay from a Chinese seller, so you don’t really know what your getting and how bright they will be.  I did some research, I wanted to find the best lights I could find and I wanted to go LED because of the low power draw, long life and HID look.  I came across the Kolpin Dually LED flood lights.  I did the research, liked the specs 1.1 Amps 15 watts 1300 Lumens and the fact that they are made in the U.S.A.

Heat sink to cool the LEDS
Powered by 4 LEDs
Perfect fit on the UtvProducts.com Roof

When they first arrived I was surprised by the small size 3×3″ they are very compact and gave me many options of where I could install them.  The light itself has a nice black finish to it and good quality build. It has cooling fins on the back that aid in cooling the 4 LED configuration.  The lens is made of a 100% optically clear plastic material instead of glass which inherently makes it tougher.  Weather is no problem for this unit as it has a IP68 rating and is waterproof.   The light is ready to go out of the box it even includes a fuse and a lighted switch that is pre wired, all you have to do is hook it to a 12v power source.  The brackets are easy to install and they also swivel to angle the light up or down.  I was impressed by the quality of the wires and the waterproof connector.

They Look Great!

Waterproof Connector
100% Optically Clear Lens

An Amazing Difference

I decided to install the lights on our GR manufacturing Mule 610 roof that we got at http://www.utvproducts.com.  I did not use the included switch, I used the Kolpin PowerPod Pro that I will review soon.  Once the system was wired up, the moment of truth arrive to power them up.  I will describe the first time I turned them on them up in one word “WoW” these lights are amazingly bright.  They make the stock headlights look like a joke.   The beam is a focused bright white light with no shadows or hot spots.  With 3 Dually LED lights running there is minimal voltage drop compared to the stock headlights which drop around 2 or 3 volts when turned on.  They come in either spot or flood configurations, I chose the floods to get a wider range of light.

My verdict is that Kolpin Dually LED flood lights are a awesome and the brightest LED flood lights I have seen for the 12v Market.  I am so glad I got them, but don’t take my word for it, I have spotted other Kolpin LED lights on trucks on the TV show Ice Road truckers and Storm Chasers holding up to the harshest of environments.  I think next I really want to put these on my truck that would be awesome!  Check them out at Kolpinpowersports.com


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