Kobalt Inflator – Dual Power Inflator

Kobalt Inflator

I have two kids that love sports.  I feel like every day I am either blowing up their basketball, soccer ball, bike tires or something.  So when Kobalt reached out to us to try their new Kobalt Inflator, I was quick to say yes.  Anything that can make my life easier, I am on board.  Besides, this inflator looked pretty cool.

When I first received the inflator, I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  Kobalt has an awesome 24V battery platform on the market, why didn’t they incorporate that battery platform into this tool, making it more portable. I think this unit in a Kobalt 24V battery platform would be awesome and make this so practical.  Now I am not saying it’s not practical because this does a heck of a job.

Kobalt InflatorThe Kobalt inflator is a dual power inflator which means you can use it off a 12V power source or a 120V, making it great for a car or RV.  Without being stuck to batteries, you never have to worry about a dead battery if you need to inflate a tire.  I know, how often do you need to inflate a tire?  Think about it this way.  You get a flat and are stuck on the side of the road.  You put the spare tire on, only to realize the spare is low on air because who checks their spare tire for air?  With the inflator, you can now get from point A to point B.  So I am really looking at this for an emergency use in this scenario.  Plus, when you go camping in your RV, you always bring toys with you.  Now you have a way to put air in the toys.

Not only did they start off with a cool looking inflator, but they built storage into it.  On the top of the unit, you can open up a door and find different accessories like 2 sports needles and a raft nozzle.  On the right side of the unit, hidden behind a door is a 26″ rubber air hose with a clamp-on valve.  Moving to the left side you can find a 16′ 12 Volt power cord for your cigarette lighter.  Do they even call it a cigarette outlet anymore?  On the back of the unit you can find more surprises, such as a cord storage wrap.  You will also notice 4 LED lights and an on/off button for the lights.

Kobalt did an awesome job with the interface and use of the inflator.  First, it has a nice, easy to read digital display. The display has a nice back lit contrast that will automatically shut off.  Another cool feature to the Kobalt inflator is the unit has a built-in pressure gauge so you know how much pressure is in your tires before you fill.  Then you can easily set the desired pressure and let it run.  I have to say, this is a very nice layout and I like this design.


  • Maximum Pressure PSI 120
  • Weight (lbs.) 6.38
  • Inflation Tools Yes
  • Pressure Gauge Yes
  • Warranty 1-year limited

Kobalt did a good job with this inflator.  While I wish the power cord was longer and I really wish it was part of the 24V line, I love it for what it is, a Kobalt inflator.  The unit is easy to use and everything has a storage place.  The front display has a nice angle to it, so it’s easy to see even when standing above it.



  1. Clicking the article I fully expected the inflator to be cordless. That is a huge downside. I’m sure it has its place and will do just fine but it does limit the uses for it. I’m really liking Kobalt’s newer shade of blue as well. #TIACREW

  2. Can a 3 blade prong(grounded) 14 gauge on a 25ft ext.cord be used on the Kobalt tire inflator KDLP1
    or does it have to be a 2blade prong without the ground prong?
    Thanks, Norm Cade

  3. Used ours twice and it quit working. Not happy with it at all. Second time we used it the warranty had expired so now stuck with something we can’t use.


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