Klein Voltage Tester Review

Klein Voltage Tester Review

Electricians trust Klein Tools more than any other brand out there.  Don’t believe me, check out any electricians tool bag and see for yourself.  Klein has been making tools for over 150 years.  To me, that says a lot about a company.  So today we are going to take a look at the Klein Voltage Tester Review.

Klein Voltage Tester Review Overview

Over the years we have tested a variety of voltage testers.  Some have been great while many have been a hit or miss for reliability.  Most testers tend to break prematurely or not be a reliable solution for testing.

Klein Tools falls into a category where it’s not only reliable but offers a pretty cool feature we haven’t seen before and that is a laser thermometer.

Klein Voltage Tester Review Features

Klein Voltage Tester Review

This volt tester is specifically designed for HVAC professionals.  The tool provides non-contact determination of AC voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, switches, outlets, and wires.  Which means there is a wide variety of applications this can be used for.

Klein Voltage Tester Review

On the tip of the tool, there is a clear plastic piece that allows you to touch this to electrical cords and more.  When it detects current, it will flash plus you will have an audible alert.

Klein Voltage Tester Review

You can touch a cord and receive a reading.  The tool detects AC voltage from 12 to 1000V.

Klein Voltage Tester Review

Since this is a non-contact meter, you don’t even have to touch the cord.  As long as you are close, the tool will pick up a current and indicate the wire is live.

Klein Voltage Tester Review

One very cool feature to this tester is the laser infrared thermometer.  Just point and press the button.  You can take continuous readings or a single point reading.  You can select from °F / °C and has a range of -20 to 482°F (-30 to 250°C).  The unit has a spot ratio of 4:1.

Klein Voltage Tester Review Value

With a price tag of $37 on Amazon, this is a great bargain.  sure you can find other testers for cheaper, but considering this is one of the most accurate we have tested, it’s a great bargain.  Plus you have a built-in thermometer, it’s a no-brainer for $37.

Just in case you might question our review, take a look for yourself.  Over 1,000 people have reviewed this on Amazon and it has a star rating over 4.5.

Klein Voltage Tester Review Final Thoughts

As with the other Klein Tools, we have tested, this is a quality tester.  While most voltage testers are hit or miss, the Klein seems to be extremely accurate.  Having a built-in infrared thermometer is a huge bonus.  You can quickly see if there is a fault somewhere and you can then bring out your other tools to diagnose the problem.  If you have to own one voltage tester, this is the one to own.


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