Klein Tools – What an Eye Opener


As you probably all ready know we had the pleasure of taking a trip to Texas to visit the new Klein plant opening.  Yes you hear me right, a new plant.  So what does this mean.  It means jobs and maybe the American way of life isn’t dead after all.

I have to say it was pretty cool Klein opened their doors to the media.  We had a first hand look inside a company I really didn’t know much about.  Time and time again from my friends who are electricians and people we meet on job site, we hear all the time that Klein makes some of the best hand tools.  Now we had a chance to see it all, right in front of our eyes.

Despite what you might read on social sites and hear from people, Klein is an American company who is keeping jobs right here in the states.  Now I am not saying all their tools are made here, but there is a great majority of hand tools made in the US.  In fact they opened a brand new state of the art facility to create even more jobs.  Now I could go on and on in this article about our trip, but I won’t.  All I want to do is give a brief summary of what I took away from this trip.


First the company is family owned.  The 5th and 6th generation are running this company.  No stock holders to answer to, just a down to earth family business who created an incredible company and continues to run a great company.  We had a chance to meet a lot of the Klein family and I can truly say they really seem like a great group of people, including the employees who don’t have the Klein last name.  Quality, now I know why so many electricians love their Klein tools.  Over the years Klein has done an incredible job of refining the process of making a high quality tool.  This new facility will step it up once again.  When Klein test their hand tools, they don’t take samples.  Each hand tool is actually tested.  That means when you get your tools and open them up, you know an American worker built, tested and inspected that tool.

How can you not support and American company, who builds a majority of their products right in the USA, creates jobs and love what they do?


  1. I learned my lesson buying cheap electrical tools I bonked my self right in the face using some cheap ass wire strippers. The sad thing is I was going to buy the Klein version to replace the ones I had I just don’t do a ton of electrical, so I was in the mentality of just using what I had to get the job done It sucked so bad I was nearly done, and I’m bleeding like hell from my face trying to finish the job so I can turn the power to the circuit back on. This was when I was going my Leviton Structured Media cabinet in my basement, and was getting a little tired of the project at that point. I kind of went way over budget on that one it’s such a sweet set up though! Anyways long story short buy a good quality tool like a Klein stuff like that won’t happen!!

  2. I also wanted to say the fact that Klein also has a plant in Michigan my home state will also factor into my tool purchases next time!

  3. Klein tour was cool…top notch brand..like knipex to..easier to find where i live.Knipex 7401250
    cutter..so cool looking 7132200 mini bolt cutters.made in germany.tool robots in plants cool
    to watch.make more please.90% my tools made in america older new craftsman bought 8 years ago…8% gearwrench.tawain..some
    china.yes big fan of gearwrench for those flip ratchets wrenches and love the new 120 xp 3/8
    flex ratchet.never owned Klein..know electrician have them ..praise them.how about a cutter
    pliers toolfight..cutting piano wire or something hard to cut..see which ones, comes out with blade
    still sharp and still cut through.tks Eric and Dan for cool stuff you do for us online.Rock 2014.


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