Klein Tools GFCI Receptacle Tester RT600


Klein is a name most people are familiar with.  Mainly because they have been around for a long time and make quality tools.  When we first started reviewing some of their products, I was amazed at how many different products they make.  One little gem is the GFCI Receptacle tester.  They offer this in two different models, the RT500 and the RT600.  Both pretty much do the same thing except the RT600 tests GFCI Receptacles.  While this is a real simple tool, it is also really effective.

Just plug the RT600 into an outlet and you can diagnose the most common wiring problems in standard 120v receptacles such as:

  • Correct Wiring
  • Open Ground
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Open Hot
  • Open Neutral
  • Hot and round Reversed
  • GFCI receptacles for proper operation

While it tests for a lot of issues, it will not test for quality of ground, multiple hot wires, combinations of defects, reversal of grounded and grounding conductors.

This is a great tool to have in your arsenal.  The prongs are reinforced to put up with the constant use of in and out into different receptacles.  A couple things I really like about this tool are the three large lights on the front of the tool to tell the user what is happening with the wiring.  Instead of Klein having a separate book to carry around to decipher the light codes, they have it right on the front of the tool for easy reading which is a huge plus.  On the sides of the tool, Klein implemented a push-pull design with an anti-slip ribbing to make it easier to insert and remove the tool from an outlet.

If you need a tool to test your wiring of a receptacle, the RT600 is inexpensive, well thought out and easy to use.  For the price, it is worth the investment.





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