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Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review

Electricians have many different aspects of their day that require multiple tools for each job. Our Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review focuses on two of their releases that aim to make these multiple jobs easier by combining actions of separate tools into one. The All-Purpose Electrician Scissors and 4-in-1 Electronics TORX Screwdriver.

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review Overview

Standing on a ladder is one of the last places you want to be when you realize you need a tool you don’t have with you. Having a single tool that can perform multiple functions, and well I might add, can be a valuable asset. Whether it is in your tool belt or tool bag. Keeping weight and bulk to a minimum is always desirable.

The All-Purpose Electrician’s Scissors are an upgrade over Klein’s previous Electrician’s Scissors. More features have been added, including a cable cutting notch and ergonomic handles. They are still the same quality as previously, just upgraded.

The 4-in-1 Electronics TORX Screwdriver is a new addition to the lineup. As the name implies, it has 4 different tamper-proof TORX bits. The tamper-proof part is important because there is nothing lost and everything gained. The tamper-proof part means there is a small pin in the middle of the fastener head. The pin corresponds to a subsequent hole in the tip of the bit. As such, no function is lost by using tamper-proof bits. They work just the same in tamper-proof fasteners and regular TORX fasteners.

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review Features

Built-in wire strippers on one blade. They are designed for 13 and 23 gauge solid wire. The notch on the other blade is to de-burr electrical boxes.

The notch near the fulcrum is designed for cutting cable up to 14 AWG.

More leverage can be gained by grasping the outside of the handles. This is especially handy when utilizing the cutting notch.

The first half of the blades are serrated. This helps grip material as you cut it.

The wire stripping notches provide clean insulator removal. The high-carbon blades leave a smoothly cut wire end.

The blade with the de-burring notch also has serrations. These aid in gripping the blades while de-burring or stripping wire.

Klein used the same style of handle cover as their other model screwdrivers. Rubber over-molding on top of a formed plastic handle.

T7, T8, T10, and T15 bits are included. All of the bits are tamperproof as well.

The grey end cap rotates freely. Gripping the screwdriver to utilize the end cap increases the control you have over the tip.

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review Performance

The All-Purpose Electrician’s Scissors are well made and solid. They are sturdy and feel great in the hand. The two arms of the scissors glide smoothly. Even though they move easily, there is no play from the fulcrum.

The sharp blades cut through small bare wire and insulation with ease. Even though you can easily close them with your hands on the outside for more leverage, it is not needed very often because of how sharp the blades are.

The larger handles are comfortable both with your fingers inside or outside the handle loops. The over-molding plastic makes it easy to apply more pressure without hurting your hands. Overall the design and function of the scissors work extremely well.

Very similar in design to their larger screwdriver handles, the 4-in-1 Electronics TORX Screwdriver fits well in the hand. The ergonomic black rubber covering prevents slipping even with sweaty or gloved hands.

The rotating tail cap makes spinning loose screws quickly and starting screws easy. The bits fit securely in the interchangeable shank. The shank also fits securely into the handle. Many times, with lower quality multiple bit screwdrivers the bits and shanks, fit loosely and make using them difficult. That is not the case here.

The bits securely fit into fastener heads with little to no play. The ergonomics of the handle lend themselves to easily applying more than enough torque to the fastener. The spinning tail cap lends itself for easy starting of screws and quickly spinning loose ones.

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review Value

The Home Depot has the All-Purpose Electrician’s Scissors for $23.87. Based on the performance and quality, this is a great price. They handle multiple functions and are sure to stand up to years of use. Professionals are the intended customer, but for a weekend hobbyist, these scissors would also be a very valuable tool.

The 4-in-1 Electronics TORX Screwdriver is also available from The Home Depot for $9.97. I had to double check the part number I was looking at to make sure it was the correct price. I would feel comfortable paying $15 for this screwdriver. Under $10 is then obviously a steal of a deal. This does not appear to be a sale price either. This screwdriver is a great buy for anyone encountering these style fasteners on a regular basis, professional or amateur.

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician Tools Review Final Thought

Until I tested these scissors, I had no idea how handy they would be, or how I got by without them. I had the pleasure of using them for the first time when I wired a friend’s man cave and was thoroughly impressed.

The screwdriver was not as big of a surprise, as I have used Klein screwdrivers before. It was more of a confirmation that their same quality was still apparent in a small package. Both of these hand tools are well-deserved purchases at these great prices.

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