Klein Light Meter Review

Klein Light Meter Review

When it comes to electricians and their tools, Klein is one of the most trusted brands in the world.  They have been making quality tools for over 150 years.  While there is a lot of technical stuff going on behind the scenes and a lot of very smart people creating useful products, the one thing about Klein I love is the simplicity of their tools.  They don’t try to over complicate things.  They see a problem and develop a solution. So speaking of simple let’s take a look at the Klein Light meter review.

Klein Light Meter Review Overview

A light meter is a useful tool for a variety of applications such as monitoring light levels, making sure light levels are up to OSHA regulations, energy efficiency checks and more.

So this is a useful tool for a variety of people in the maintenance field, inspectors, DIY’ers, and consultants.

Klein Light Meter Review Features

Klein Light Meter Review

The tool uses a Photodiode sensor and spectral response filter that takes a sample rate of 2 times per second.

This meter measures in foot candles (FC) and lux. You can use this in auto or manual mode with a range of 4000 FC; 40,000 Lux.  The spectral range is 400 to 760 nm, white light CIE standard.

Klein Light Meter Review

The screen is nice and big with easy to read numbers.

Klein Light Meter Review

The meter is extremely simple to operate.  Below the screen, there is a hold button with a max and min.  The next row of buttons is for power up and power down, change between FC/Lux readings and also turn on the backlight.

Klein Light Meter Review

The screen is an LCD screen that will display a 40-segment bar graph.

Klein Light Meter Review

When not in use, Klein includes a nylon bag to protect the meter.

Klein Light Meter Review Value

The light meter retails for about $60, which isn’t too bad.  If you look around you can find meters that run two or three times higher.  Sure they have more features, but for a simple to use and easy solution $60 is a pretty good deal.

Klein Light Meter Review Final Thoughts

Klein is known for building quality electrician tools.  You can say they own the electrician’s market.  The Klein light meter isn’t any different.  This light meter is a quality tool that is built to last.  Very simple to use and easy to read.


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