Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review

All diagonal cutters are pretty much the same, aren’t they? If all you need a pair for is cutting a few zip ties, then maybe so. If you’re cutting lots of electrical wire, you will find out very quickly that all diagonal cutters are not created equal. Quality, as well as size, does indeed matter when it comes to hand tools like these. Let’s find out how these are a cut above the rest in this Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review Overview

Even with some of the simplest of tools, technology and engineering are always looking for improvements. These come in the form of new manufacturing processes, different materials, and ergonomics. As I have previously mentioned, Klein Tools has been known for quality since the late 1850’s.

A good pair of cutting pliers are a staple on almost every job site, and that rings especially true for electricians. Cutting and stripping wire requires good quality tools. It is always preferable to use a quality tool will also make the job easier on your hands.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review Features

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters ReviewThe Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters feature long padded handles that are not only comfortable but also offer a lot more leverage during use, providing 46% more cutting power vs. the standard Klein cut pliers. This translates to less force required to cut larger gauge wires, which in turn decreases fatigue as well as decreasing the likelihood for injuries associated with repetitive movements.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters ReviewKlein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review

The jaws are thick forged steel with uniformly ground with a hardened cutting edge that mates perfectly with the other jaw. They open wide, allowing for the cutting of multiple wires at once or even small cables. Klein states that the jaws have 57% more cutting surface over the standard Klein cutters. Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters ReviewKlein Tools says these cutters are recommended for Aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR), screws, nails, and hardened wire.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters ReviewThe pivot point is ground flush, so as to not add bulk to the jaws, but still functions smoothly and easily.

 Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review Performance

I used the cutters to cut up some 14/2 solid Romex. The Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters sliced through the solid 14/2 like a warm knife through room temperature butter. Gripping the pliers at the lower end of the handles provided more leverage to make the cuts.

The over-molded handles are comfortable in the hand and did not get cumbersome or annoying or uncomfortable after numerous cuts.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters ReviewThe jaw blades made clean cuts and cut all the way through every time, I never had an issue with having to re-cut a wire again, nor did I need to ever use more than one hand to make the cut.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review Value

We talk about price. For what the manufacturer claims it does, is it a good value? Can they find something better? Is this good for the professional or the homeowner? This should always be quick, easy and short.

Home Depot sells these cutters, model #J200059SEN for $39.97. That may sound steep for a set of wire cutters, and it is. But the cost is all relative. If all you need is something to cut weed-eater line and wire ties, this is not the set of cutters for you. If your need for buying these cutters is because you are going to be remodeling a room or doing some other sort of wiring, they are absolutely worth the money. The increased efficiency will save you valuable time and frustration.

Klein Heavy-Duty Cutters Review Final Thought

All in all, if you need a good set of diagonal cutting pliers, these should be in your top 3 choices. Although the sticker shock may turn you away at first, they are well worth the investment. These Klein’s will long outlive the project you purchase them for and are sure to prove their worth over and over again.


  1. Are these part of the “journeymen” series of tools that Klein released years ago? My yellow handled “journey” are due for replacement soon……

  2. Should really cut some larger size wire or even 12/2 MC cable for the review.

    There is a reason why Klein doesn’t advertise these as high leverage diagonal cutters like their standard dikes. There is actually far less leverage at the tip of the tool than with the standard model. It’s a big deal for someone who uses them in the field.

  3. Superior tool by Klein. These weigh about the same as “lineman’s, side cutters”. They will snap through nails, screws, cable, or just about anything else you put in the jaws.


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