Klein Headlamp Review

Klein Headlamp Review

Headlamps are one of those tools that if you’re a tradesman, you rely on them to help you work in underlit environments. Lighting is important, especially when you’re work requires precision. Using a headlamp frees up your hands to be doing what you need them to most. If you haven’t explored the world of alternative lighting or lighting that doesn’t involve cords or even batteries, this may be a good opportunity to investigate. Can you benefit from better lighting on a job site, without any hassle? Let’s jump into the Klein Headlamp Review and find out.

Klein Headlamp Review Overview

Klein Tools is a brand we know and love for their hand tools and unique solutions to common tradesman issues, particularly the electrician. Recently, Klein announced the acquisition of Ergodyne, a company known for providing workwear for the professional. If there is one interesting facet of Klein is their long history. Klein began in 1857 and is now going into their fifth generation of family ownership. One thing is for sure, Klein has a legacy they intend to uphold.

Klein Headlamp Review Features

Klein Headlamp Review

The Klein lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery that uses a micro-USB with a water-resistant cover for convenient charging. The front battery indicator provides an easy gauge for battery life.

There are two lighting options, The spotlight is the large center light and provides 200 lumens of light and allow for up to 12 hours of runtime. The two flood lights provide 100 lumens of light and up to 22 hours of runtime.

Klein Headlamp Review

This headlamp features a sensor to automatically turn off the headlamp in bright conditions to preserve battery life.

Klein Headlamp Review

The simple bracket allows for tilting of the light, up to 64 degrees for optimum view during use.

Klein Headlamp Review

The headlamp easily slips on and off of the base to allow for easy charging.

Klein Headlamp Review

Klein used a silicone head strap is easily adjustable for increased comfort and prevents slipping while in use.

Klein Headlamp Review

The headlamp is impact rated for up to ten feet and is dust and water resistant.

Klein Headlamp Review Performance

A couple of quick things to love about this headlamp is the brightness and the battery life. Both are impressive. The ease of use ranks high for me as well, there is no hassle with this light. No difficult buttons to operate or overly complicated adjustments. This is a key for something like this. For a tradesman focused on delicate work, you need your focus 100% on the task at hand. With this headlamp, there are no concerns for slipping and inconsistencies.

Klein Headlamp Review Value

This headlamp is available for purchase on Amazon for just under forty dollars. For a person who relies on alternate lighting in hard to see spaces such as electricians who work on electrical panels or plumbers who struggle to see under sinks or an HVAC technician who needs light in an attic, this headlamp is a bargain for how much easier it can make their day-to-day. There are cheaper options available certainly, but for the rechargeable battery, brightness, and ease of use, I think this one is well worth its asking price.

Klein Headlamp Review Final Thoughts

This headlamp from Klein Tools has been a handy tool to have for several reasons. It’s easy to use, bright and has an insane battery life. There are just enough features to make this headlamp stand apart from the rest without losing the ease of use and dependability. For the tradesman, this headlamp is a no-brainer. If you’re in the market for a new headlamp, definitely keep this model from Klein in mind.


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