KLEIN Compact Ratcheting Modular Crimper VDV226-107 Review


I have no idea why I am writing this review as Dan deals with this type of work.  I have run some cat 5 over the years and for someone like me who doesn’t deal with it, it sucks.  The tiny wires all have to be in a certain order and I don’t have the patience for this type of work.  Running the lines, I don’t mind, it’s just hooking up the ends I hate.

Dan first showed these to me and I knew while this is not something I deal with on a daily basis, they would be handy to have around, even for a hack like myself.  They are compact and seem very sturdy and tough.  So what can these crimpers do?  Well they are ratcheting, so it makes your work easy.  They provide three functions:  cutting, stripping and terminating.  They work with cat 3, cat 5e and cat 6.  You can crimp rj45 and rj11 and rj12 telephone connectors.   I can see having this tool in your tool bag or tool belt as a huge advantage.  This compact design will take up less room which is always a key.  Who couldn’t use more space in their bag or belt?  For me, what I like is the included diagram on the side of the tool.  Since I don’t work with these cables much, I can never remember the order.  Now I can just look at the side.  I still will mess it up, but at least I don’t have to waste time going online and looking for the order.

buyamazon1Klein Tools VDV226-107 Compact Ratcheting Modular Crimper


Bottom line, you know Klein, you know they make great tools.  If you’re the type of user that deals with this type of cabling, I am sure you will like these.  They are solid and compact, plus make your life easier.   For the price, you can’t go wrong.



  1. Lol. Why didnt Eric write this article. Regardless great review. Klein tools are one of the best. What they do, they do very well.


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