Keter Storage Cabinets

Keter Storage Cabinets

Keter is a company who deals with plastic and creates cool products out of plastic.  If you are new to the name Keter, you might not think that much.  After all how tough is plastic?  We have all had plastic products where they are cheaply made and break.  However, Keter is different.  They don’t make junk.  All of the products we have tried from Keter have been awesome.  From their outdoor box to their workbench, all have surprised us.  There are two reasons that Keter is different.  First, they don’t go cheap on plastic.  Their products are not a cheap thin layer of plastic.  All their products are extremely thick and designed to last.  The second item is their reinforcement.  While plastic has its benefits of not rusting, being light, it also has a downside of strength at critical points.  Here is where Keter really stands out.  At the points that need to be strong, Keter doesn’t try to perform miracles with plastic. Instead, these areas are always reinforced with some type of metal.  So Keter can give you the best of both worlds. Strong products, lightweight, doesn’t rust and the list goes on.  Over the years I have grown to really like their products, which brings me to these cabinets.

Keter Storage Cabinets

Keter has a new line of storage cabinets on the market that are designed for your garage, shed, basement or barn.  As a note, you can buy these separate or in a 6 piece kit where you get two tall cabinets, two shorter cabinets, and two wall cabinets.  Now if you decide to order the unit, it will probably show up on your front door on a skid.  Don’t worry about all the boxes and all the pieces.  Putting these cabinets together is very easy and doesn’t take long at all.  The directions are very nicely laid out and easy to follow.

The large cabinets have extra support with a fifth leg in the back of the unit.  Even though they are made from plastic, each shelf can hold a whopping 100 lbs, which is pretty awesome.  The wall cabinets come with an easy to hang system that even I can hang straight on the wall.  For me, I have a couple important things when it comes to plastic storage cabinets.

First, I don’t want a flimsy cabinet, which these are not.  The doors shut nicely and stay shut.  Second is longevity.  These units not only look great, but I can feel they are solid and will last a long time.  As I said the shelves can hold 100 lbs, so I have more than enough support to store the items I need in my garage.

Keter Storage CabinetsWhile I love Keter and have never been able to find anything to complain about, I do have two issues with these cabinets.  First, I wish they included an extra shelf for the tall cabinet and the floor cabinets.  For the tall cabinet, you get three shelves, but one more would have been nice.  For the floor cabinet, you only get one shelf.  Again, one more would have been nice.  For me, I would pay extra money for more shelving.  The second item is the handles.  The handles are awesome.  They are big and look great.  However, they use very small screws to fasten these onto the door.  With this being such a critical part that is used all the time, I would like to see longer screws to make sure the handle never comes off or gets loose.  Not a huge deal because I just used other screws I had in my garage to get a tighter fit for the door handles.

Are these two issues enough for me not to buy them?  No. I still think they are the best plastic cabinets we have tried over the years and I think Keter did an awesome job with the design of them.  I will be following up with more pictures and information on these units.  However, it has been below 0° in the garage and really don’t feel like organizing my whole garage.

Keter Cabinets Specification

  • One-piece set: includes 2 wall cabinets: 23.62 L x 14.17 W x 23.62 H inches, 2 base cabinets: 34.65 L x 17.72 W x 39.17 H inches & 2 tall cabinets: 34.65 L x 17.72 W x 73.62 H inches
  • Polypropylene resin construction with metal reinforcement for durability
  • Metal reinforced shelves with shelf load capacity of 100lbs
  • Adjustable shelves for versatile storage and organization
  • Tall and base cabinet come with adjustable legs and includes a fifth centered leg for added superior stability

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  1. Eric, I’m thinking of buying these cabinets. How have they held up for you and what screws did you replace the ones that came with the unit for the handles? Thx.


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