Keen Utility Boots – Chicago

Keen Utility Boots - Chicago

If you are on your feet all day, you know what it means to have a pair of work boots that not only hold up and protect your feet but provide all-day comfort.  Let’s face it, our feet take a beating throughout the day.  We are not only walking around on different terrain, but we are climbing ladders, jumping in and out of trucks, walking around in wet, dry, hot, and cold climates, and let’s not forget about all the weight we are putting on our feet.

When it comes to comfort, Keen isn’t a stranger to providing some of the best work boots on the planet.  They now recently released a new version, the Chicago.  The Chicago work boot is designed to not only protect your feet but keep them comfortable all day long.  Yes, that all sounds great but they are doing this while trying to meet a lower price point when compared to the competition. So you get a traditional-looking work boot, that protects your feet, offers a full day of comfort, and all for under $180.  Not a bad deal.

Keen Utility Boots – Information

Keen Utility Boots – Features

When it comes to comfort and protection, it’s hard to find a work boot that will provide both.  The Keen Utility work boot Chicago sets out to conquer both, comfort and protection.

  • Waterproof
  • Carbon-Fiber toe – 15% lighter than steel
  • Oil- and slip-resistant
  • Non-marking
  • EH Rated
  • Keen ReGen midsole offers compression resistance
  • Rubber Outsoles rated up to 572 degrees
  • 5/8″ heel
  • Antimicrobial lining

Keen Utility Boots – Impressions

When I first look at the boots, I like the way they look.  To me, they look like a traditional work boot.  I know job sites aren’t about fashion but it doesn’t stop us from having a good looking work boot.  When I pick them up, the weight is decent.  While I have felt lighter boots, I am so used to feeling heavy boots, which I have no idea why companies make heavy work boots when you are walking around on them all day long. The weight of these work boots is on the lighter end of the spectrum, at least for my thoughts of the boot.

Putting on the boots is also extremely easy.  The finger hole in the back to hold onto while inserting your foot is nice and big, plus easy to access.  The boot opens up wide enough where I am not fighting to try to get my foot inside.

Once my foot is inside, they are extremely comfortable, especially considering they have a protective toe.  I am so used to having a protective toe jamming my toes together and causing soreness at night.  These boots don’t jam my toes together and my toes have enough room where they are not squashed.

While I haven’t done demo work in the boots yet, I can see that they do offer plenty of protection for a wide variety of jobs.  So let’s get down to comfort.

When I push down on the sole, it’s doesn’t feel like a running shoe but for some reason, these boots are extremely comfortable.  Yes, not as comfortable as a running shoe but one of the most comfortable boots I have worn in a long time.  My feet weren’t sweating and once the boots were broken in, my feet never seemed to hurt at the end of the day.  So for comfort, yes, I am a fan.

Keen Utility Boots – Wrap Up

Overall, these are great boots.  I love the feel of the work boot and how it has that traditional look but let’s be real, comfort and protection are what really matter.  So far, I have enjoyed these work boots and if you have followed our Instagram stories, you know I am a fan of these.  Working on my addition is more than a full day’s work.  I am up and down ladders, working on my knees installing flooring, and walking up and down stairs.  The days I am working on my house, it’s not uncommon for me to put in 10-12 hours of work.  At the end of the day, these are great boots, and I love how comfortable they are.


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