Johnson Magnetic Torpedo Welders Level 1404-1000


We have been welding like crazy the past few months and slowly adding new tools to our welding arsenal.  Well one thing that we are using a lot is a level.  There is only one problem.  Our level started melting, it could not handle the heat of the hot metal.   Johnson has come along and solved this with the 14041000 Magnetic Torpedo Welders Level.  It has a die cast aluminum frame that makes it impervious to heat and on the bottom is 3 powerful rare earth magnets that grip very well.  The bottom has a v groove which makes the level more versatile on corners and pipes.  The dimensions are: 2″ H x 1″ W x 9.75″ D, it has 3 solid block vials that are easy to read, even with a auto dimming welding helmet on.


The vials read level, plumb and 45°.  Since this level was designed for welding it fits our needs perfectly.  As you can see from the pictures, our old plastic level couldn’t take the heat!  The Johnson has a lifetime warranty on Accuracy.  Check out Johnson



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