Johnson Level 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser – Hardwood Flooring Project


We are super busy lately with projects, one of which is a hardwood floor install and I wanted to post on a tool that has been a big help for keeping our floor straight.  One thing that drives me crazy is not having straight lines!  We needed to snap a line that was straight from the existing wood floor that we stitched in.  Johnson Level sent us a 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser.  The level is designed to give a perfect 90 degree angle. It is powered by 2 included AA batteries and emits two high power red laser lines with an accuracy of up to accuracy of +/- 1/4″ per 60 feet.  This is perfect for most residential flooring applications.


A built-in protractor will give you precise angles.  The two bubble levels make sure you stay level and the metal feet keep it firmly planted. The included target sorta amplifies the beam on its reflective surface so you can easily see it.  The laser and the target fit in the included bag that protects the unit when not in use.  Johnson covers the 40-6615 with a 3 year warranty.  For under $40 you cannot go wrong with the Johnson Level 40-6616 Tile and Flooring Laser.


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