John Deere – Americas Brand


Being made in America is becoming more of a rarity these days as profits and bottom line trump quality.  John Deere has been an American staple since before anyone reading this was born.  We had the opportunity to go and visit the John Deere manufacturing process in Greenville, Tn.

john deere plant This was one of the first plant tours I have ever been on where the people working actually enjoyed their job.  You could tell that each and every worker was proud to be there.  John Deere also supports the local community in many ways including lunch bags for local school children.  Most of the people we ran into at the plant had been there for years.  It was more like a huge family operation than a typical manufacturing plant.John Deere factory

We also got a chance to check out the test facility where they put their products though thousands of hours of torture.  There were rolling hills as far as the eye could see all with grass to mow. If you like mowing this would be the job for you.  It was such a great atmosphere that they even have a local dog named Gary who hangs out there.  John Deere truly is an American Icon.  Enjoy the videos below.


  1. Nothing Runs like a Deere except me come mowing season, you see I don’t own a Deere if I did I might run to it instead of away.


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